Charlize Theron Is Proud Of Her ‘Atomic Blonde’ Character’s Bisexuality

For her latest film role, Charlize Theron is playing a secret agent in Atomic Blonde and she’s very much like James Bond in many ways. Fueling her adrenaline junkie nature, Charlize plays agent Lorraine Broughton, but it isn’t the gunfire that most appeals to the actress. She says her character’s sexuality is an important theme and hopes it has a positive effect on Atomic Blonde viewers.
Charlize Theron Says Playing A Bisexual Character Has Been Important
The plot of Atomic Blonde sends Charlize Theron around the world to track down some of the globe’s deadliest double agents, but the actress says there’s something more important going on in the plot. She’s proud of the fact that Lorraine is bisexual in the film and says it’s an important part of the movie.
While many aspects of LGBTQ living is now being represented on film and in television, Charlize says bisexual people are severely under represented in the media. The Atomic Blonde actress adds that she feels it’s time to normalize that aspect of sexuality.
“It’s something that I feel is not represented enough in cinema, and I feel that when you make movies, if you’re going to hold that mirror up and reflect society, then you should reflect society,” said Ms. Theron.
While it’s certainly not necessary to belong to any LGBTQ lifestyle to lend one’s support, Charlize did admit that she experimented, when she was younger. In relating the experience to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Ms. Theron added that, even though she was curious, she learned quickly that she prefers men.
As for the rest of her Atomic Blonde role, Charlize says she’s happy that she’s been able to find another “kick butt” role, because she likes to put strong female characters out there as role models. Theron says there’s a misconception that women who seek out action roles are doing it because they want to be men, but she says that’s the wrong message.
Instead, Ms. Theron hopes people will begin to see that women in action roles have their own talents and ways of doing things. She adds that women bring something different, yet equally valued, to the action hero role.
“The fact that she uses her high-heel shoe and uses a pot in a fridge, she uses what she has and I think that’s funny and it’s real,” says Charlize Theron.
Atomic Blonde hits theaters on July 28.

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