Lily Collins complemented for losing weight

Lily Collins

Lily Collins has revealed in a statement to The Edit magazine how her weight loss has been complemented by someone she has known for a long time.

Collins will be seen in Netflix’s upcoming series To the Bone wherein she plays an anorexic woman. To get into the skin of the character, Collins reduced a lot of weight and according to her she was complimented for it.

In a statement she said when she was leaving her apartment recently, someone she has known for a long time said “Oh, wow, look at you!”

Collins says she tried to explain the reason behind the weight loss, but the person wanted to know what she has been doing.

‘No! I want to know what you’re doing, you look great!’ said the person known to Collins.

“I got into the car with my mom and said, ‘That is why the problem exists’,” Lily said.

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