Nicole Kidman Shares How Keith Urban Saved Her From The ‘Big Little Lies’ Darkness

Big Little Lies was a huge success, both critically and commercially. Part of the reason for that has too do with the scenes Nicole Kidman shared with Alexander Skarsgard. As fans of the series know, those scenes were some of the darkest moments to have ever been aired on the small screen in terms of dealing with domestic violence and abuse. Now, Nicole reveals how her real life husband, country crooner Keith Urban, helped her cope with those scenes.

Nicole Kidman Says She Found Relief In Keith Urban’s “Loving Arms”
In Big Little Lies, Celeste (Kidman) and Perry Wright (Skarsgard) are a married couple who fall into a destructive, abusive circle of sex and violence. These are dark themes and ones that took a very real, emotional toll on Ms. Kidman.
In the past, Nicole has spoken about how she worked through those scenes with Alexander, so they could both deal with the emotional impact of their intense on screen interactions.
Now, the Big Little Lies actress shares that what she really needed was support and compassion from her real life husband. Fortunately, Mr. Urban didn’t let his own career take away from those days when Nicole was feeling her darkest and most vulnerable.
“I came home to loving arms, someone who would hold me, and I was really upset at times,” Ms. Kidman admitted. “Really damaged, really upset, and physically and emotionally drained and in pain — my neck, particularly.”

Big Little Lies Humiliated Nicole Kidman
It wasn’t just the abuse that affected Nicole. The actress says many aspects of the HBO series got under her skin in ways that no other project had done. For instance, she recalls scenes in which her character would take sanctuary in the bathroom, falling defeated to the floor. Even when the cameras stopped rolling, Kidman says she sometimes stayed on the floor of that set, crying into her hands.
Ms. Kidman recalls one incident in particular, suggesting it may have been her most humiliating moment on the set. The Big Little Lies director felt so bad for her, that he draped a towel over her, during the filming break. Nicole says she remembers huddling up on the floor in “half-torn underwear” crying and feeling broken, when director Jean-Marc Vallée tried to comfort her and ease her humiliation with the gift of the towel.
Throughout filming, Ms. Kidman would try to maintain a hardened, brave front, but she says she would melt, once she was at home. She would feel shamed and broken, when she finally let her guard down, which is just what her Big Little Lies character had been enduring on screen.
HBO is in talks to produce a second season of Big Little Lies.

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