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Every day, we encounter different life scenarios, and sometimes we have to decide on the car model to purchase. After acquiring a driving license, we all want to drive our cars, but some end up driving others, which isn’t bad. You may dream of owning a luxurious BMW, but you find yourself in a situation where the dollars and cents you have may not be sufficient to make an order for it. That should never kill your dream as there’s always an alternative and that is buying used BMWs. However, you don’t have to make blind purchases; you have to identify the best dealers and consider other factors before deciding on the model to order for.

Beverly Hills Auto Group ensures that you obtain a used BMW of different models, but you need to weigh other factors other than the cost. There are other packages that if not taken into account you may end up in regrets. Nobody likes to cry over spilled milk, and that’s why Beverly Hills Auto Group would give you proper guidance before making the purchase. Besides, you will have various models presented to you, and you choose your best. It’s important to bite only that which you can chew.

As a buyer, what would you do if there’s no large gap of price between used BMWs and new? Rarely will such occasion be encountered to be sincere. Well, there are other benefits that you get when you purchase a pre-owned car that you may not get when you decide to go for a new one.

Benefits of Buying a used BMW

Availability of a pool of choice

Car models change within a short time, and you might have desired to own a model that the company no longer manufactures. You don’t have to inquire from friends how you can get an old model, simply get in touch with Beverly Hills Auto Group, and you will get it. You may also realize that the car may have nicer materials such as walnuts placed by the owner.

Less Depreciation

The value of depreciation for BMWs is usually high for the first few months when a car is bought, later; you realize that the rate of depreciation is significantly reduced.

Lower Insurance cost

If you carry out research, you will notice that the insurance rates for pre-owned vehicles tend to be lower compared to new cars.The choice of purchasing a used car depends on the buyer but dealers such as Beverly Hills Auto Group will help you acquire the car of your choice.

The model of BMW to shop for

The main issue that arises when you have decided to order for a pre-owned BMW is the model to go for. There are many models of BMWs in the market but the following three models are considered the best-used BMWs, and you can easily acquire them from Beverly Hills Auto Group.


The aesthetical nature of this car is beyond comparison; you will often get people refer to it as handsome car. The running cost of this car is comparatively lower, and its interior layout is superb.

BMW 5 Series
One of the benefits that you derive from buying this model is high efficiency. This is one of the outstanding properties that make many individuals prefer it to other models in the market.

BMW i3
Since one of the benefits you enjoy when you go for a pre-owned car is the reduction in depreciation, it’s the major advantage that comes with i3. Besides, you will save money on fuel and enjoy the spacious interior of this car.
Buying Process for a used BMW car

You may have decided to buy a pre-owned BMW car and chosen your model of preference, but you don’t know how to make the purchase. This isn’t a hard nut to crack as you will notice that some of the dealers including Beverly Hills Auto Group have simple steps to follow.

Contact the dealer of your choice

The first step is ensuring you communicate with the seller and seek to get detailed information about the car that you viewed from the ad. During this first stage, you may not necessarily need to see the car. You can opt to have a pre-owned car questionnaire and let the dealer answer it. It’s important to ensure that the last question should be the price.

Test-driving the car

Once you have maintained proper contact, it’s imperative that you do the test on the car to ensure all parts are in order. Some of the important considerations in your checklist should include the engine, brakes, comfortability of the seats and driving position, and the tires.


You should pay for pre-purchase inspection so that a qualified mechanic ascertains that the car is in proper condition. You will notice that some dealers allow one to take the car for inspection outside their premises, this is to clear any doubt from the buyer that the mechanic from the company may hide some information from the buyer.

Negotiate the price

The price you were initially given isn’t fixed, and you may have to negotiate once you have the car inspected. It’s always advisable that you give a price lower than what you have so that you finally strike a balance with the seller. Your negotiating skills will always determine the price that you will acquire the car.

Seal the deal

You will have to be issued with receipts of purchase and insurance cover. This is the final phase that will enable you to be the owner of the car. You should always ask for the seller’s sign and sometimes warranty. The number plate registration rules should always apply to the new owner of the car.

The choice of whether to buy a pre-owned car or new depends on the owner. You may not need to depend on your friend’s opinion, but it’s important to cut your coat according to your size. What makes you happy may not make your partner happy but choose the model you desire to drive.

Getting a used BMW is now made simple, if you are based in New York, then one of the best dealers, when you need a used BMW car, is Beverly Hills Auto Group. You can also acquire a pre-owned car from these dealers at a friendly interest rate, and you can get the contact details from their official website.

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