Rob Lowe Reveals He Talked With Ghosts For New Reality Series

Rob Lowe is hitting the road with his sons, Matthew and John Owen, but this isn’t your average family vacation. To the contrary, the trio is filming The Lowe Files, a reality show in which Rob and sons travel the country in search of unsolved mysteries. As the actor made rounds to promote the upcoming series, he revealed he has already had some other worldly encounters.
Is The Lowe Files To Be Believed?
While the truth may be out there, critics are doubting that Rob Lowe can deliver it in his new series. While talking about the show at a TCA conference, one journalist asked Rob if he has had any ghostly encounters and Lowe replied that he has spoken with one ghost.
While he hasn’t had any paranormal experiences previously, Lowe did say that he spoke with a spirit through an Ovilus. The device converts electromagnetic waves in the air into speech through the use of an EMF meter. While Rob admitted he didn’t fully understand the technical aspects of the Olivus, he does believe the voice he heard was an authentic spirit.
John remains the skeptic of the family, insisting that the Olivus simply possesses a vocabulary of preprogrammed words.
In response, Rob says there’s still some force behind the device, choosing those specific words. Whether father and son can eventually come to share the same beliefs may be as much a part of The Lowe Files as the mysteries the family is set to investigate.
Rob Lowe Tackles An Unsolved Murder
Along with his sons, Rob tackled an unsolved murder for the first episode of The Lowe Files and it was then that the unseen spirit chose to communicate with the actor. He said the voice coming through the Olivus revealed the murder victim’s name and the site of the crime, but he leaves final judgments in the public’s hands.
“Judge for yourself … I don’t want to seem like a nut. I don’t want to end my career here,” laughed Rob. “Too late?”
Lowe’s long history in Hollywood proves he can bounce back from almost anything, but he’s still hoping The Lowe Files will be a success. It’s a chance to solve a mystery, which he finds especially appealing, but it’s also an opportunity to create memories with his sons and to bond as a family. In that respect, The Lowe Files may already be a hit.
The Lowe Files premieres on Wednesday, August 2. Check local listings for exact times.

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