209,000 Jobs Added to United States Economy

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that unemployment rates for June dipped to 4.3 percent. President Trump heralded this as excellent news on Twitter, according to National Public Radio. Employers added 209,000 new jobs, and officials declared that employment was robust.

States with the Highest Unemployment Rates

While no state has extremely high unemployment rates, some states are doing better than others. For June 2017, unemployment rates were lowest in Colorado, North Dakota and Hawaii while they were highest in Alaska, New Mexico and the District of Columbia.

Approaching Historical Low

The United States economy is approaching the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded. The record low occurred in May 1953 with a 2.5 percent. The government has been keeping records since October 1899.

Chronically Unemployed

It is estimated that 1.8 million individuals remain unemployed for 27 weeks or longer. Approximately 5.3 million individuals remain employed only part time despite their efforts to find full time employment. Approximately 536,000 individuals admitted that they had not looked for work in the last month making them marginally attached to the workforce.

Effect on Employers

Some companies are finding it extremely hard to hire workers. Amazon held their first ever Job Day where they hoped to hire 50,000 workers. While a few of the positions were for high-paying full-time jobs, the majority were for workers in their fulfillment centers.

Eliminating Obstacles

Other companies are lowering their standards on who they will consider hiring. Those employers who are located in areas where it is hardest to find good workers are often foregoing pre-screening drug tests. Instead, they are simply asking employees if they have a drug problem and looking for ways to work around the situation if they admit to having one.

The news continues to be good on the employment front in the United States. Workers are finding it easier to find good jobs. Some companies are having to take extra steps to make sure that their jobs are being filled by motivated employees.

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