Adam Milstein: A Life of Philanthropy


Adam Milstein, a well-renowned philanthropist, is an Israeli-American citizen living in the Los Angeles area in the United States.

In Israel, before migrati
ng to the U.S., his family lived Kiryat—where Adam spent most of his childhood. Adam joined Israel Defense Force in early 1971, and he fought for his country in the Yom Kippur war against the Arab League, which was trying to destroy Israel. After his military service, he enrolled at the Technion, where he earned a degree in Business and Economics.

Then, Adam married Gila Elgrably. They are now blessed with three children and three grandchildren. He moved to the America to study and venture into commercial real estate, and furthered his academic education in the United States and in 1983, he earned a Master in Business Administration from USC. He was later employed as a sales agent in a private commercial real estate firm, Hager Pacific Ltd., where he now serves as a managing partner. Although his father, who worked in real estate in Israel, is the one who introduced Adam to the business world, Adam has made his fortune by himself. He achieved the American Dream by becoming a very successful real estate businessman, but he has never severed his ties with the country where he grew up.

After Milstein built a successful business as a real estate investor, he used the opportunity afforded to him by his business success to dedicate himself to strengthening Jewish and Israeli-American identity, and the connection between American Jews and Israel. He has taken this work to heart and is a champion for the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

Milstein is an Israeli patriot who held his country and fellow citizens at heart, and throughout his career, he has worked hard to help Israel and the Jewish people. Milstein has seen the discrimination that Israelis face and has dedicated himself to helping the State of Israel and Israeli-Americans.

He is passionate about giving assistance to and empowering pro-Israel groups in the United States. He is devoted to his philanthropic organization, which works to strengthen the State of Israel and Jews residing in the United States through various programs. He has said, “A vicious sickness known as anti-Semitism has infected people with hate across centuries, cultures, and continents — and Jewish communities have often paid the price for it.”

Adam and his wife Gila co-founded The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation to actualize their philanthropic journey. One of the organization’s goals is supporting or sponsoring educational programs for students and young professionals so that they can connect with the State of Israel and their Jewish identity.

After founding the MFF, Adam became aware of the fact that citizens of Israel living in the United States needed to be empowered to embrace their American-Israeli identity. Adam then co-founded Israel-American Council. His efforts have been hailed not only in his homeland, Israel, but also in his home, the United States. The Israeli-American Council is now the fastest-growing Jewish organizations in the United States.

Adam is also very involved in the details of managing the Milstein Family Foundation. Through the foundation, more than seventy-five grants have been distributed. Some go to pro-Israel groups on campuses, while others go to fellowship programs aimed at helping students and young professionals to network, to learn about effective pro-Israel advocacy, and to strengthen their passion and Jewish identity. These initiatives have improved the perception of Israel and Israeli students at various learning institution in the United States, and have also helped to maintain close connections between students living and studying in the United States of America with Israel.

Adam is a fierce advocate for countering Israel’s defamation in the United States and around the world. Adam has been named as one of the top people positively influencing the lives of Jewish Americans by many institutions, and they have acknowledged his impressive achievements as a philanthropist and thought leader. Through the support of Adam and the Milstein Family Foundation, many Jewish students have been able to connect to their identity as Jews, the State of Israel, and each other, all while learning about how to combat antisemitism.

One of Adam’s significant achievements was partnering with Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson to organize a summit. This summit brought together dozens of pro-Israel organizations to discuss how to harnessing support to defeat hate groups that spread lies and anti-Semitic lies about the Jewish Nation on the college campuses in the United States.

Milstein is on the committees of management of numerous pro-Israel organizations like the Jewish Funders Network, the AIPAC National Council, StandWithUs, and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel.

The Milstein Family Foundation also provides grants for “Students Supporting Israel,” a movement initiated by campus students to give support to Israel. They have held several rallies across the United States to support the recognition of Israel as a legitimate nation with boundaries separating them from its neighboring Arab states.

His business, Hager Pacific Properties has continued to thrive, and this has positioned him among very successful entrepreneurs in the United States.

To learn more about the philanthropist advocating for the Jewish people, see his recent interview on Ideamensch. 

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