Can A Pet Benefit A Child’s Mental Health?

Previous studies have shown that owning a pet can benefit a child’s mental health. However, a recent study may have disproved this. The study was carried out by a group known as the Rand Corporation. They used advanced statistical tools in order to determine whether owning a benefit could benefit a child’s mental health.

The study analyzed data from over 5,000 households. There were 2,236 households with a pet and 2,955 households without a pet. The researchers analyzed the psychological behaviors and health of the people who were in the household. All of the households that were involved in the study had at least one child who was between the age of 5 and 11.

The participants were asked questions about their child’s overall and psychological well-being. They were also asked whether their child has attention deficit hyperactive disorder. They were also asked questions about their child’s mood.

The study found that children who were in a household with a pet were more active and in better physical health. However, the study did not find any significant difference in the mental health of the children who had pets. In fact, the study found that children who had pets were more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD. The researchers also found that the parents were less likely to care about their children’s feelings and emotions.

The researchers concluded by saying that they could not find any evidence that children who have pets are in better mental health than those who do not have a pet. They also stated that this is the largest study to date that examined how pets affect a child’s mental health.

The researchers also stated that previous studies may be biased. Many people assumed that there was a link between pet ownership and mental health because of their personal experiences.

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