Donald Glover Wraps Work on ‘Han Solo’

Are you feeling ‘Star Wars’ fever, yet? When Disney acquired the rights to Lucasfilm and the ‘Star Wars’ franchise fans knew what was about to happen. Disney doesn’t get involved with a huge franchise in order to let it sit idly by, especially something as bankable as ‘Star Wars’. A few years later we’ve already gotten ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘Rogue One’ as well as a litany of announced spin off films. While fans wait for the release of the next main film, ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, others are getting excited for the ‘Han Solo’ spin off.

While a Han Solo spin off series was always something fans dreamed of, there were some issues during filming that may make people hesitant. Originally the film was directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, two comedic geniuses, but they were fired midway through the shoot. Ron Howard, one of Hollywood’s most iconic filmmakers, was brought in to bring the finishing touches of the film to fruition. Howard’s addition was a boon to the film as it instantly made the project seem more stable. One of the biggest benefactors of the direction change was star Donald Glover, who will be playing Lando Calrissian in the film. Lando was a huge player in Han Solo’s story albeit woefully underdeveloped in the original trilogy. Getting a chance to see Lando and Han interact when they’re both younger was obviously a smart decision.

Ron Howard recently tweeted out a picture of himself and Donald Glover announcing that the star actor had wrapped on the project. Howard was effusive in his praise for Glover, calling him ‘wildly impressive’. Glover’s impressive work comes on the heels of news being released that star actor Michael K Williams had been completely cut from the film. Still, things look to be back on track at this point and ‘Star Wars’ fans everywhere are probably right to start getting excited once again.

Though the film was largely directed by the Lord & Miller combo it looks like Lucasfilm is giving Howard some leeway with addressing the film and adjusting it to his vision. We’re interested to see if Howard’s more serious approach conflicts with the comedic element that Lord & Miller brought on board, potentially to the benefit of Donald Glover’s own comedic timing. Press material should be hitting the internet soon as the film gets closer to completion.

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