Former MMA Champ Now Selling Coffee

Carlos Condit is a former welterweight champion. The last time that he had a fight was August 2016. Carlos is often called the “Natural Born Killer” because of his superb fighting skills. However, he is putting his fighting career on hold to pursue something else that he is passionate about.

Carlos has teamed up with fellow coffee lovers and created a company called Hundreds Hands Craft Coffee. The idea for a coffee shop came from the most interesting place. Carlos was working in a lab with his partner Ryan.

They were showing physicians how they can put fix people’s arms. They also talked about coffee. They started experimenting with different coffee blends. That is where Carlos decided that he was going to open up a coffee shop. Ryan and Kaithlin Hoskinsons made their own coffee at home, but they wanted to share that with other people.

Ryan, Kaithlin and Carlos have been making and selling coffee together for the past two months. Not only do they sell coffee, but they also brew nitro tea. They sell their coffee in Nob Hill and at local farmer’s markets in Alburquerque.

When people come to the farmer’s market, Carlos greets them and asks them if they want coffee. The trio enjoys selling coffee, but they do not have any plans to open up their own shop yet. They will continue to sell their coffee at farmer’s markets, restaurants and taprooms. They will also sell their coffee at gyms.

Carlos is excited about the future. He stated that he puts all a lot of time and effort into everything that he does. He is happy that he is able to pursue his passion. Carlos believes that everything he wants is coming together. The trio came up with the name “Hundred Hands” in order to pay homage to the people grow coffee beans.

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