Imran Haque Shares Essential Lessons In Internal Medicine

When looking for the best doctor, there are several factors that we all look out for. The most common factor that majority of us look into is the doctor’s qualifications and whether or not they are certified by the relevant authorities. Customer testimonials as well as referrals playing a contributing factor in the trust that patients invest in a certain doctor or medical professional. Medical practitioners who have a long standing reputation and experience in their practice of medicine always get an edge over others who lack the same.

For residents of Asheboro and Ramseur, your search for a qualified and experienced medical professional is a short one. All you have to do is ask and you will be directed to Imran Haque, an expert doctor in several fields of medical practice.

Imran has in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge in specialized medical fields. Having obtained his medical degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana, Ciudad Mexico, he furthered his studies from the University of Virginia in Internal Medicine. He is a licensed practitioner and has a certificate to operate in the state of North Carolina. We shall be looking at his certification in a short while but with what has already been said of him, he stands as your best chance to wellness.

Imran Haque Specialties

Imran Haque specializes in several fields in medicinal practice. He serves as a primary health care giver to a specific cadre of patients. Nevertheless, he also offers his services to all patients who reach out to him suffering from a range of medically related conditions and seeking treatment.

As a primary health care provider to many residents of North Carolina, Dr. Imran diagnoses many common medical conditions as well as providing referrals to specialists for those conditions outside his fields of specialization. For common problems, Dr. Haque personally treats them without having to provide a specialist’s referral. He has a well equipped laboratory which allows him to provide a wide range of treatments including ultrasound services.

Imran Haque is a specialist in a number of treatments and health care management. We shall be looking at some of his specialties in a while but here is a rubric of the areas he is well known for; diabetes treatment, he helps with weight management tips, 360 surfacing, laser hair removal, and Venus body contouring. Dr. Haque with and his Horizon Internal Medicine Practice also offers physical examinations and special Botox treatments.

Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes is a common chronic illness which affects many folks in the United States and the Western world in general. There are some precursors to this health menace but most if us either ignore its existence or do very little to treat it. Diabetes can be very critical if not treated. If you were diagnosed with this chronic disease, you can reach out to Dr. Imran. He has the right skillset and experience to help you overcome the condition.

Most of us have been trying to remedy diabetes for years now without any progress. This is probably because we were seeking help in the wrong place. Additionally, diabetes has several classes and it is only a qualified physician who is specialized in diabetes that can know how to combat all forms of diabetes.

Imran and his Horizon Internal Medicine practice has been able to help a number of patients overcome diabetes. To most of his patients, he is the among the best diabetes specialists around the world. He has attended to diabetic patients who visit him not only from North Carolina but in the entire United States and the some even come from different continents.

Imran uses widely accepted treatment techniques to combat diabetes. Some of them are self-explanatory and you can try them at home without incurring unnecessary costs. These tips can help you combat diabetes by eliminating it completely or mitigating its impact on your body.

· Maintain calm – when diagnosed with diabetes, you are advised to remain calm and don’t let the news overwhelm you. Ready yourself for what you doctor has got to say.

Be attentive and observe your body’s reaction to things. If you are under medication, observe how you are reacting to exercises, food and other aspects which may affect your levels of blood sugar. In time, you will be able to detect your body’s state with respect to sugar levels without having to see a physician. Exercise routinely- exercising has been associated with good health for eternity now. If you are feeling tired all the time, just try to move around as much as you can. Regular gym sessions of short periods can do you good. Minimize on your sugar intake- processed sugars are the worst for anyone living with diabetes. Try to stick to non-sugary foods.

With these tips, you should be able to manage your diabetic condition at least until you see a physician to help you fix the condition for good.

Weight Management

The struggle to lose weight is a worldwide one. You will see many attempts by people to try and lose weight in a certain duration of time. Excess weight is a burden to your health but it is never that easy to shade the extra pounds. Weight management struggles and successes have also made Imran quite famous. His specialty in helping individuals with weight issues manage their condition accordingly has earned favor among many.

Weight management tips used by Haque have helped many folks and anyone with a desire to keep their weight in check should try to practice these tips. For effective weight management, Imran Haque advises the following;

· Maintain a low intake of fats- an increased intake of fats leads to an accumulation of the same in the adipose tissues. Since fats take long before being completely metabolized, they stay longer in your digestive system which is not good for your health.

· Reduce blood glucose- excess glucose in your body can lead to obesity.

· Avoid high carbohydrates- Carbohydrates are the number one causes of weight gain. Individuals who reduce their carbohydrates intake have reported drastic reduction in weight.

· Check on your lifestyle- obesity among other chronic diseases have been categorized as lifestyle. If you are living a high-end lifestyle, you must keep in check activities that may lead to weight gain.

· Exercise regularly- You don’t have to beat up yourself with long and strenuous gym sessions. Simple, routine and light exercises are the way to go.

Medical Examination

Imran’s practice involves precise regular patient checkups. At his Ramseur or Asheboro office, he exercises his expertise in diagnosis and conducting checks ups regularly.

Imran Haque, with 19 years of experience as a medical practitioner is among the most sought after internists. He has all the requirements to provide quality medical services to patients and those who know him, have always applauded his services.

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