Jay Cutler Impresses In First Game As Dolphin

Jay Cutler’s controversial tenure as the QB of the Chicago Bears came to an end earlier this year. His time with the team included some flashes of brilliance. Unfortunately, Cutler became more famous for throwing interceptions at inopportune times and missing many games with injuries. There was not much interest in Jay Cutler when the Bears finally cut him loose. He then announced that he was going to begin a career in broadcasting. However, life has many unpredictable twists and turns. Miami Dolphin QB Ryan Tannehill suffered a very serious knee injury that required reconstructive surgery. This will keep Tannehill out of action for the next 12 months. The Dolphins were not about to throw their 2017 season away by starting a raw rookie at QB. Therefore, they quickly contacted Cutler’s agent. It was not long before Cutler announced that he would put his new broadcasting career on hold and give the NFL another chance.

Dolphins head coach Adam Gase was very impressed with the way that Cutler performed in their first preseason game of the year against the Baltimore Ravens. Cutler showed excellent mobility as he scrambled out of the pocket on numerous occasions. He was also a very accurate passer in the game that the Dolphins eventually lost 31-7. Cutler is 34 years old. He is in great shape and seemingly still has a lot left in the tank. How much have all of the injuries he has suffered over the years taken out of him? Only time will tell.

One of the biggest factors that will determine whether or not Cutler will be a success in 2017 will be the Dolphins pass protection. Cutler was scrambling far too often in the game. Protection was constantly breaking down and Cutler was forced to run for his life on numerous occasions. No QB is going to be effective if he does not have solid protection from his offensive line. That is something that Cutler did not have in the preseason opener. This will have to change if Cutler and the Dolphins expect to contend for the playoffs this year. It remains to be seen what chances that coach Gase will make to the offensive line. It is doubtful that he will start the regular season with the offensive line as it is constructed right now.

The Dolphins were not predicted to do much this year when Tannehill was healthy. The Super Bowl champion Patriots are still the class of the AFC East division. That will most likely not change this year because both the Jets and Bills are expected to be very bad. The preseason predictions about the Dolphins have not changed very much since Cutler was signed. The general consensus is that the Dolphins might have a chance of winning eight games if everything goes right. However, few people in the media believe they will be able to make the playoffs as the team is currently assembled. The regular season opener is still a few weeks away. Therefore, improvements can still be made.

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