Nick Vertucci Demolishes A Common Real Estate Misconception

Sometimes, older real estate agents think of millennial clients as lazy. Some even think that working with a millennial requires way more effort. But that’s not necessarily true.

The modern world has shaped millennials to look for quick solutions to problems, partly helped by tools like Google. This is not laziness, observes Nick Vertucci, a real estate magnate. Instead, Nick says that these young buyers demonstrate admirable creativity and resourcefulness. Being resourceful people, millennials find it easy using technology to achieve faster and better results without straining.

Nick Vertucci observes that millennials are very much aware of their purchasing choices and home location options, mainly owing to their resourcefulness.

Elance-oDesk together with Millennial Branding conducted a survey on millennials in 2014. The results of the survey showed that close to 30 percent of 1000 millennials and 200 hiring managers were already in management positions. To me, this shows that the young generation is by no means lazy.

They avoid personal communication

Today, despite business communication increasingly using email and text message, personal messaging can be the best option when dealing with millennial clients. These include hand-written thank you notes, personal notes and face-to-face conversations.

A survey conducted by Mattersight Corporation found this to be true, with 85 percent of the 1000 millennials surveyed saying that they prefer face-to-face communication with their co-workers. According to Nick Vertucci, millennials would most likely prefer the same when looking to buy their first home. Besides, it is their biggest life investment.

The real estate expert says that coffee or lunch meetings work. You can also try platforms like Skype or Facetime. Video calls can also be more effective than phone calls.

Selfishness is their character

Millenials are unfairly perceived as selfish, yet statistics show that about 84 percent of millenials donated to charity in 2014. Working with this group can be a huge advantage, opines Nick Vertucci.

Millennials are more comfortable knowing that they share common values with the people in their daily lives like co-workers. Nick says that if you are dealing with this young group, try to explore ideas that they value and can relate to. You could talk about the places that you volunteer or the charities you donate to. This offers a chance to connect with the young buyers.

Nick Vertucci, therefore, opines that it is best to disregard any false notions about millennials when dealing with them. You risk losing an important part of the market.

The market will soon experience the full force of the millennial clients. If you are looking to tapping this exciting group of buyers, it is best to drop the misconceptions. This will work best for your business.

Nick Vertucci is a real estate investor who specializes in buying bank owned properties. He founded The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc where he serves as the CEO. Based in Irvine, California, the company is one of the most successful real estate companies. Through his company, Nick assists other investors to buy, rehab, and rent banked properties.

Nick’s success in the real estate industry has come a long way. He started off with a computer parts business, Coastline Micro. He enjoyed the freedom of being his own boss until the dot com crash of 2000 hit his business. He later ventured into real estate full time.

After learning the ropes and putting thousands of hours into his business, he became a successful real estate businessman. After seeing his struggle and that of others in the sector, Nick Vertucci developed a simple and straightforward system to help him, and other investors get out of debt and make money in real estate.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, a brainchild of the real estate magnate, teaches people how to become successful in the industry. Students can learn about investing in commercial property, rehabbing and flipping properties, wholesaling and flipping contracts among other important matters.

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