Russo Brothers Gear Up for ‘Avengers 4’ before ‘Infinity War’ Even Releases

It has to be difficult working for Marvel, especially within the confines of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every single year Marvel releases a slate of big budget, blockbuster comic book movies that interweave with a dozen other films. Right now fans are getting ready to take in the long awaited ‘Infinity War’ film which pits the Avengers against their greatest challenge yet, Thanos. However, even with that film still in post-production the talented sibling/director combo the Russo Brothers are gearing up for their next Marvel project — ‘Avengers 4’.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is like a train that only exists due to perpetual energy propelling it forward. If there is a gap in the release schedule than the whole enterprise can go belly up. Anthony and Joe Russo have worked hand in hand with the Marvel franchise since 2014 when they teamed up to develop ‘Captain America; The Winter Soldier’. Since then the Russo’s have been added to ‘Civil War’, ‘Infinity War’, and ‘Avengers 4’. It’s pretty telling that Marvel has put so much faith in these two to keep their biggest tentpole movies going at a high level. Fans back home should quickly understand that they are going to be in for a wild ride over the next three to four years.

Still, the timing of this development has to be something of a surprise. The official trailer for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ hasn’t even been officially released but the Russo Brothers are already beginning to develop their next film. This past week we saw the Russo Bros begin to gear up their marketing campaign for “Avengers 4′ by releasing a single teaser poser of a pair of fingerless gloves — much like Captain America’s. Fans have already gone wild theorizing over who the gloves belong to and we doubt we will get any real answer any time soon.

Kevin Feige, the lead man behind the MCU, has been pretty candid about his excitement for the 2018 release of ‘Infinity War’. Feige says of the film, “There is a sense of a climax, if not a conclusion” to the previous 22 films that had been released in the series. This comment had fans perking their ears up. There is a common theory going around that Thanos himself will be successful in defeating and killing off the Avengers. Will the new ‘Avengers 4’ title have us rooting for new heroes? Perhaps a team led by Tom Holland’s Spider-Man?

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