Studies Find Green Exercise Highly Beneficial

Exercise is one of the most beneficial activities to take part in. People exercise for a wide range of reasons. Common reasons to exercise include weight management and staying healthy. Two recent studies show that you can experience an even more beneficial workout by heading outdoors. In this post, you will why exercising outside is beneficial.

In recent years, many innovations in the fitness world have involved technology. New buildings are opening up across the nation, allowing people to exercise with the help of virtual reality. Many exercise facilities are focusing on creating a more comfortable workout experience, complete with amenities. Science is finding that many will benefit from exercising away from indoor areas.

ActionHub recently reported results from a study conducted by physiologists from both Yale and Oxford. The subjects in this study were all required to exercise. Study participants would go on to complete the same exercises while outside. The results of this study found that the cellular process responsible for aging was greatly slowed during the outdoor exercise session.

Another study was done by Stanford University. In this study, two groups of people were required to walk down a path. One group walked in a busy city street while the other strolled through a more natural environment. Unsurprisingly, the group walking through nature reported feeling less stressed than the city walkers.

Some people may find it difficult to complete their training outside. For example, bodybuilders will have a nearly impossible time trying to move weight plates outdoors. You don’t want to exercise outside if you live in an area known for extreme weather conditions. Exercising in a safe climate helps to ensure you don’t get too cold or overheat while working out.

In summary, a recent fitness trend is occurring that surrounds green exercise. Green exercise is a term given to the act of exercising outside. Many people exercise for the many health benefits this activity provides. Universities have been working on recent studies that assess the effects of outdoor exercise. Two studies have already found that working out in an outdoor environment is more beneficial than being training inside.

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