There Is A New Quarterback Opening With The Jaguars

As announced on the official NFL site, Doug Marrone of the Jaguars is now seeking a new quarterback. This report leads us to believe that Blake Bortles is on the chopping block.

Doug Marrone is looking for somebody with an offensive play style to lead the team. He is leaving this position open until they find a suitable person to take that role. Bortles is still considered for the position but he must also compete for it as an applicant.

This decision is likely influenced by their last game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The time had lost a crushing defeat by just the first half of the game. The blame is mostly put on Bortles when he failed to make a pass to Allen Robinson. The coach had to send in Chad Henne to finish the game after such an embarrassment.

Bortles is lagging behind the other quarterbacks this season. He is rated at 11/18 for 81 yards without a single touchdown. Other quarter backs have nearly triple the yards and at least some touchdowns on their resume.

The team has less than a week to find a replacement before their next game. There is no lead on who will be playing at that game or if there will even be a change in the position.

About Blake Bortles

Robby Blake Bortles is a young 25-year-old quarterback for the Jaguars. He had an impressive college football career in Central Florida before he was drafted into the professional league. He had played for the Knights as a quarterback from 2011 to 2013. He had led the team to win a Conference USA East Division Championship trophy. They later won the American Athletic Conference Championship and the Fiesta Bowl. He had a track record of 251 of 399 passes and 25 touchdowns in his college career.

When he was picked in the 2014 NFL Draft, he had signed a contract for over $20 million over a four year period. That year, he completed 14 out of 24 passes for two touchdowns and two interceptions within his first game.

By 2016, there was an obvious regression with his track record. That year, he had suffered a losing streak of 9 games. Although, he did have a decent comeback in the last game of the season with 301 passing yards and one touchdown. The entire season, he had a 58 percent success rate with passes.

The Jaguars had decided to extend his contract by one more year at the start of 2017. With the recent crushing defeat, there must be a lot of regrets by team management for his renewal. It still remains to be seen if Blake with making it on the roster or if he is canned for good.

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