Towards Finding the Elusive Bipartisan Approach to Healthcare Reforms

Over the past few months, the American public has been treated to spectacular chaos as President Donald J. Trump seeks to put to bed o

ne of his campaign pledges: repealing . Without bipartisan support, the Republican legislators in the Senate failed to push through a policy that they had pledged to repeal for over seven years with a few votes. The recent failure to push the bill through the Senate has seen some governors from both political divide come up with a plan to garner bipartisan support for a new healthcare reform initiative.

A New Bipartisan Blueprint

At the forefront of the new initiative are Governors John Kasich of Ohio and John Hickenlooper of Colorado. Despite their different political affiliations with the former a Republican and the latter a Democrat, the two governors are seeking to develop a healthcare reform blueprint through bipartisan agreement. The primary objective of their yet to published blueprint is to ensure long term stability of the healthcare insurance markets. Noting that this can be done through bipartisan agreement, John Kasich held that their quest for a more encompassing healthcare reform calls for more governors from both political parties to join their cause to push the agenda forward. The duo aims at ensuring that they have a well balanced approach to one of most emotive and divisive issue in American politics in the past years.

Beyond Stabilizing the Healthcare Insurance Markets

Hickenlooper contended that current healthcare insurance system had led to higher insurance risks, which is unaffordable for many. This is because individuals with serious issues are pooled separately from healthy people. These high cost health insurance pools have led to private health insurance markets. While stabilizing the private health insurance markets is their primary focus now, the duo hopes to extend their reform campaign to other health care areas. One such area that they have identified is the cost of pharmaceutical drugs. However, Governor Kasich noted that reducing the cost of drugs requires far greater bipartisan agreement to pull off.

However, their joint appearances on talk shows have also raised political eyebrows with some suggesting that they may run against President Trump in 2020 on a joint ticket. When pressed about the issue, the duo rebuffed such ideas. The collaboration between the two governors brings a new momentum to the finding the elusive bipartisan agreement that has curtailed efforts to repeal the controversial healthcare bill that has been a political hot potato since its enactment.


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