A Courageous Mother With Brain Cancer

Carrie DeKlyen may be close to her final moments on this planet. She made the decision to pass on cancer treatment and deliver her baby. Nick DeKlyen is her husband. He says that he’ll never forget how courageous her choice was. Nick says that he plans on telling his young daughter about her amazing mother when the time is right. He plans on waiting until she’s the perfect age for the tale. The young man was sobbing as he as discussed his wife.

Carrie is a 37 year-old woman who back in April was given a distressing glioblastoma diagnosis. This is a kind of tumor that’s strong and intense. It’s also one that grows extremely quickly. It has the ability to negatively influence both the spinal cord and brain. Carrie decided that she wanted to say no to cancer treatment, and it’s all because she wanted to give her unborn baby the opportunity to live.

Life Lynn DeKlyen entered the world on September 6th through C-section. Nick states that he and Carrie abandoned cancer treatment due to one wish. That wish is and was to present their wee daughter with the incredible gift of life. Nick and Carrie have a total of six children. Their other youngsters are Jez, Leila, Nevaeh, Isaiah and Elijah. Jez, apart from Life, is the youngest child at just two years old. Elijah, on the other hand, is the oldest at 18.

Carrie and Nick believe that her passing away isn’t a fruitless thing. They believe that her passing is going to be meaningful. Although Carrie won’t be alive much longer, the young baby will have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful existence. This is all thanks to her mother’s pure devotion and love. Nick is excited about his new daughter. He also admits, however, that dealing with the pain of losing his wife is going to be extremely difficult.

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