Country Singer Jo Dee Messina Goes Public With Cancer Diagnosis

Jo Dee Messina is one of those rare celebrities who treats her fans like close friends, sharing much about her personal life. Whether she’s touring or posting on social media, Jo Dee has always been very open with her fans. That hasn’t changed. Ms. Messina recently divulged the sad news that she has been diagnosed with cancer, which is something just a few celebrities have been comfortable doing.
Jo Dee Messina Talks About her Cancer Diagnosis
The announcement was first made in a blanket statement and only attributed to “Team JDM,” suggesting the prepared statement was written with Messina’s permission. Details weren’t given here, only revealing that Jo Dee has been diagnosed with a type of cancer. The remarks also suggest that although Jo Dee Messina has had “a trying summer,” she’s trying to keep her spirits up, finding comfort from her faith in God.
The 47-year-old country singer and mother of two is best known for a smattering of country chart toppers in the decade between 1990 and 2000. “Bye, Bye,” “I’m Alright,” and “Stand Beside Me” are among her most popular songs.
Jo Dee Messina Will Undergo Treatment in the Fall
The statement has also revealed that Jo Dee is working with doctors to plot out the treatment plan that has the best chances of success. In light of the intensive cancer treatments, Ms. Messina has already canceled many of her plans. She’s taking a semester off from her courses at The King’s University. Additionally, Jo Dee has postponed most of her 2017 concert tour dates. The tour will finish with her October 7 concert.
“As many of you know, Jo Dee is a believer who feels blessed to be surrounded by the love of God — a love that has brought her the inner peace,” the statement continued, suggesting that Ms. Messina has turned to God for strength during this time.
The statement acknowledges the deep faith Jo Dee has always had in God, detailing her appreciation for seeing his work in the life around her. Ms. Messina has drawn on God’s strength already, finding it possible to endure recent dark days, according to the statement. Looking at a future filled with challenging cancer treatments, the statement adds that Ms. Messina will continue to find courage in her faith.
“It is because of our Father’s love that she has been able to find the beauty in the days that could have brought her the most fear, gratitude in moments that most would call unfair, and companionship during times she might feel the loneliest.”

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