End Citizens United Stands Behind Randy Bryce for Congress

End Citizens United endorses Bryce
End Citizens United endorses Bryce

End Citizens United has been endorsing and financially supporting political candidates who stand behind the organization’s message of putting people first again in politics since the infamous 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. F.E.C. The highly popular political action committee has recently announced that it is throwing its support behind Randy Bryce for Congress. This is major news for the Bryce campaign and might spell major trouble for his notable opponent, Paul Ryan. Bryce has become such a formidable opponent in this race that there are some whispers of the Ryan camp feeling the pinch already.

End Citizens United thinks that this congressional race in Wisconsin is one of the most prominent elections to watch around the country. It could signal a shift in bringing people back to the core of politics and has major implications for legislative, economic and social policy. Bryce has made a big name for himself by standing up for all people and railing against the oppressive system in Washington that seems to put corporate greed above individual welfare. He has been brave enough to speak openly and loudly about the disconnect between Washington and the average American. This can be a difficult position to take because Bryce recognizes that his opponent has a massive war chest and seemingly unlimited resources to fire back at him on all fronts.

While Paul Ryan has spent almost his entire career in politics and reaped the many rewards, Bryce has been focused on connecting with his fellow citizens and earning his money through hard work. There is no disputing that Ryan has been in the back pockets of special interest groups for years. He has accepted and spent many millions of dollars from large corporate donors and special interest groups just so that he could hold onto the power of his office. He is undeniably beholden to their whims and cannot possibly represent the best interest of the public at the same time. Ryan lacks a strong connection to his constituents and does not share in their daily struggles and hopes for the future. He could not be further removed from the pressures that average Americans face all the time.

What distinguishes Bryce’s campaign from Ryan’s is that Bryce averages individual donations of about $25. This means that different citizens are throwing their support behind them. They may not have millions of dollars or lucrative contracts to use to entice their candidate, but these people are hoping for real change from Bryce. They see in him a positive and proactive leader. He has promised to devote himself to bringing jobs and prosperity to Wisconsin so that all socioeconomic classes benefit from new legislation. He has also announced that he will stand in support of campaign finance reform so that political candidates cannot be secretly bought before an election even takes place. This has been met with thunderous applause from average Wisconsinites because they know that these changes are critical to taking back their state and country.

For as many positive things as there are to say about Bryce and his perspective on the need for campaign finance reform, the exact opposite is true for Ryan. He has actively block proposed constitutional amendments, which were designed to force more disclosure by political candidates regarding their campaign spending. This was a major blow to all of the positive progress that has been made in increasing the transparency of what happens during an election cycle. Citizens deserve to know what interests their politicians are working for, and Ryan has worked to make this more difficult at every turn. This works to his personal advantage because he can continue to accept campaign donations from nebulous interest groups without having to be open about where the money is coming from.

End Citizens United is hoping for some big changes in a variety of legislative initiatives with the hopeful election of Bryce. The upset of such a powerful politician like Ryan would be a strong indication that the winds are changing in Washington. This might empower other congressional candidates with progressive views on the need for campaign finance reform to step forward and throw their hats in the ring during subsequent election cycles.

Background Information on End Citizens United

End Citizens United is one of the most well-known organizations in the U.S. that has been consistently pushing for campaign finance reform for more than seven years. This political action committee is comprised of activists and donors from all political backgrounds. Their unifying thread is that they all believe that government should be by the people and for the people. If corporations and faceless money are allowed to dictate the results of a U.S. election, End Citizens United believes that the integrity of the process has gone by the wayside.

The ultimate goal of End Citizens United is to see the 2010 Supreme Court decision overturned because they think that corporations have no more right at the legislative table than individual citizens. Some of the activities that End Citizens United engages in to further this goal include educating the public about judicial decisions related to campaign finance, supporting congressional candidates who share their perspective and commitment to change, launching information campaigns about the influence of special interest groups in politics and organizing protests of harmful legislation.

Although End Citizens United only officially launched about two years ago, this is one of the most cutting-edge groups organized to root out special interests in politics. End Citizens United has already fund raised more than $2 million in support of specific political candidates who have stellar backgrounds and all of the passion required to fight back against the massive machine of campaign finance in Washington. Its membership has been growing rapidly across the country as citizens learn about this opportunity to take back their political power. Some of the positive changes that End Citizens United has been responsible for inspiring have included a higher degree of civic involvement among individuals worried about the direction of their country.

The volunteers and members of End Citizens United come from a range of diverse backgrounds. There are lawyers, educators, doctors and business owners who are standing together in the enduring fight to put political power back where it belongs. Rather than getting bogged down in a long list of other issues, End Citizens United has remained steadfastly focused on its mission to bring transparency into politics. This serves to unite people from all walks of life who might not otherwise be engaged in the same movement.

For more information on End Citizens United and on how you can get involved, visit Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

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