New Details Leak for Upcoming ‘Punisher’ Netflix Series

If there is one thing that Netflix does better than any other streaming platform around, it’s making great super hero TV shows. Netflix is, of course, behind the incredible Netflix Marvel Universe that recently culminated in the epic 8-episode ‘Defenders’ arc. Now, all eyes are straight ahead as Jon Bernthal dons the legendary leather jacket to play the role of Frank Castle, more commonly known as The Punisher. The series has been highly anticipated ever since Bernthal made his debut as Castle in ‘Daredevil’ season 2. Now details are finally starting to leak out and audiences are learning what to expect.

The first thing that fans learned is that Frank Castle is on a warpath. He’s ready to do some serious damage to his enemies and he’s going to do it in the way that only Frank Castle can. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be moments of levity. Fan favorite bit-character Turk Barrett will be making an appearance on ‘The Punisher’. Turk, played by Rob Morgan, has been playing the 2-bit criminal for every entry in the small screen Marvel Cinematic Universe. His character is largely comic relief and he should serve as a great moment of levity across from Frank Castle’s deadly serious demeanor.

Outside of Turk it looks like ‘The Punisher’ is going to stand fairly alone in the grand scheme of things. Despite the rapidly expanding Netflix Marvel Universe, Frank Castle’s story seems like it is going to be self contained and held apart. this is likely as much to do with rising actor salaries as it is to do with how ‘The Defenders’ 8-episode series culminated. In fact, a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly revealed that ‘The Punisher’ is going to feel as different from the other ‘Defender’ heroes as it can possibly get.

Bernthal said in an interview, “We are stripping down every supernatural element.” The actor went on to explain that his standalone show will contain no allusions to the supernatural Hand. The show will largely be about an angry man doing angry things to people he feel has wronged him. Bernthal also subtly admits that none of the famous Defenders will be making an appearance in his show, a surprise to many fans of the connective shows. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be any massive crossover, however, as Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page will be a star character in the show.

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