New Info Leaks for ‘Minecraft’ Movie!

Has there been any moment in pop culture more defining than the release of ‘Minecraft’? The physics based, creative building game has been sweeping the world for the better part of almost a decade now. The video game, which originated on PC as a small indie title, can now be found on every console in the gaming industry. Now, we are looking at Hollywood getting in on the action. When the ‘Minecraft’ movie was first announced it brought a collective question mark to the forefront of the fanbase’s mind. Would this be liveaction? A comedy? An action film? Now, almost a year after the film was first announced, details are finally coming to clarity.

Right now the ‘Minecraft’ movie is slated to release on May 24, 2019 but we can almost be positive that this date is going to move. Disney slated the release of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ for that very same day and the ‘Minecraft’ team won’t want to be splitting their audience. We know that Warner Bros won’t want to go head to head with the Disney/Marvel juggernaut that has been taking over the industry. So expect a later release date at some point in the summer with an August release being the most likely destination.

Helming the project will be director and actor, Rob McElhenny. McElhenny is most well known as being one of the stars of the cult hit TV show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” While McElhenny’s backlog of work is largely geared toward an older, more vulgar, and cynical audience, fans are already excited to see what he can do with the ‘Minecraft’ IP. This will be McElhenny’s first feature film directing gig and he’ll be tasked with translating something that is so fundamentally different than what most movie fans are used to. Writing the film will be Jason Fuchs who has done work on ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ as well as the recent superhero hit, ‘Wonder Woman’. McElhenny will have a co-writing credit on the film as well.

There isn’t much to say about the plot of the film due in large part to the fact that ‘Minecraft is an open-ended sandbox game with no clear plot or details. We do know that Steve Carrel is being brought on to hold down the starring role in the film. Carrel is most famous for his comedic chops as Michael Scott in the hit TV show, “The Office.”

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