Paul Mampilly Shares His Investment Success Secrets With His 60,000 Newsletter Subscribers

Paul Mampilly Shares His Investment Success Secrets
Paul Mampilly Shares His Investment Success Secrets

Profits Unlimited is a leading investment industry newsletter written by Paul Mampilly. As it recently reached 60,000 subscribers, Mampilly was encouraged to continue his trend of offering an investment recommendation each month. His eight-page newsletters highlight an investment and explain why he recommends it.

Why Profits Unlimited Is So Successful

The main reason why so many amateur and seasoned investors are eager to read Mampilly’s advice is because of his proven success. Mampilly won the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition in 2009 when he invested $50 million to yield $88 million, which was a gain of more than 75 percent. Since he did that during one of the worst points of the recession and did it without sacrificing stocks, he captured the attention of everyone from aspiring investors to industry experts.

Another reason why his newsletter is so successful is because it is detailed and useful. Mampilly writes it in a way that a new investor can understand. His passion for helping other people become successful is evident in each issue. Profits Unlimited has only been circulating for about a year. It is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. After Mampilly’s subscribers receive each newsletter, they can visit his website to track stocks. Mampilly picks one or two stocks from the recommended portfolio for weekly updates. About 85 percent of the stocks in the portfolio remain profitable consistently, and one recently increased by over 150 percent.

Although traditional brokers do most of the work for their customers, Mampilly prefers to empower his readers rather than do everything for them. He teaches them to become smart investors, and they are responsible for setting up and using their own brokerage accounts. They trade their own stocks, update their portfolios and track information as they continue learning from the Profits Unlimited newsletter and website. The site is encrypted to keep members and their information safe. Mampilly’s newsletter subscribers speak highly of his method and his reliable stock information.

Mampilly’s customers also appreciate the benefit of monthly briefings. They receive trade alerts when trades must be made. Mampilly includes instructions about what to do and reasons for trading. Customers can easily trade using a phone, tablet or computer. After trades are completed, Mampilly keeps his subscribers updated on the newest stocks. He also has a dedicated team of customer service agents who are available to help subscribers with any questions. They can even walk them through each step of the trading process.

Profits Unlimited Newsletter Example

On the Banyan Hill website, Mampilly posted some good examples that give prospective subscribers an idea of what to expect from his newsletter. He reminds readers that they get access to his knowledge, which has been developing for well over two decades. They also become part of his inner circle. The main example he cited was Sarepta Therapeutics. When Mampilly learned that the company was developing a pharmaceutical treatment for muscular dystrophy, he decided to invest. His investment was highly successful.

Mampilly looks for companies with great potential. Another example cited on the site was Netflix. He saw the advantages of unlimited DVD rentals through regular mail, and he also saw the potential of future online movie streaming. He invested in the new company in 2008, and most people today know that Netflix is one of the largest and most popular online streaming providers

About Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill focuses on publishing investment newsletters and research advisories. It is an independent publishing house. The company boasts 200,000 subscribers since it started a few years ago. Its name comes from the banyan tree, which has the largest canopy size among all trees in the world. The tree’s branches grow outward, and the trunk grows thicker as the branches spread. When catastrophic natural disasters happen in areas with banyan trees, the solid masses remain standing. Banyan Hill wanted to convey to its readers that it wants to help everyone be like banyan trees. Since every active investor will weather one or more strong financial storms, Banyan Hill Publishing wants to be sure that readers have the news and tools needed to remain upright and continue growing.

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About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly moved from India to the United States at a young age. He has been a successful financial expert among Wall Street investors for over 20 years. His career started in 1991 at Deutsche Bank. As his success grew, he was responsible for managing small accounts and larger accounts that held millions of dollars. His background also included account management for the Royal Bank of Scotland. Mampilly worked for Kinetics International Fund after they realized what an asset he would be for their hedge fund company, and it thrived under his leadership. His notable investments in the early 2000s helped strengthen his portfolio and enhance his reputation as a legendary investor.

Although he retired at age 42 to spend time with his family, Mampilly continues to build his legacy through his Profits Unlimited newsletter and website. In the height of his career, he won several awards. The most prestigious was the Templeton Foundation’s competition. Mampilly has appeared on many television broadcasts and talk shows. He has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles. He remains a notable investment icon not only for his success but also for his philosophy of turning new investors into successful people by giving them the tools necessary to reach their financial goals.


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