A Rare Victory for the Republicans

Senate Republicans took a huge step towards passing the tax reform code yesterday when they passed the budget blueprint. As a result, they ensured that they protected the $1.5 trillion tax cut that faced a threat from the Democratic filibuster. This new resolution is a clear indication that the Republicans are serious about the recent debate to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. This is a conservancy that has been protected since the early 60s. They want to ensure that the area is open for oil drilling and exploration under their own terms. Since the Republicans took full control of the house, they have failed in passing any significant legislature putting President Trump’s presidency under constant criticism. This means that they had come under increasing pressure to pass the current tax reform bill. The budget blueprint will be tabled in Senate as early as next week. The bill was passed in a 51 to 49 vote. If the bill is to go through without any amendment, House Speaker Ryan D. Paul will require all the Republicans to back the bill. However, the Republicans lost one vote on Thursday and it belonged to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. In his own argument, he said that the current bill allows for excessive spending. However, the bill could be delayed should House Republicans see the need to discuss a compromise.

Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham said that this was the last opportunity for the Republicans to pass the tax bill. He said that should they fail to pass the tax code reform, it would signify the end of the party. He further said that the Republican Party has always stood for tax code reforms. Moments later, President Trump was at what he does best when he congratulated Mitch McConnel for taking the first step towards a tax repeal on Twitter. However, there were concerns from the independent senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders who told the Budget Committee that the bill was extremely cruel. As for Democratic Leader and New York Senator Chuck Schumer, he said that new bill would prove to be burdensome for the middle class. However, the bill had to undergo a process called vote-a-rama. This is a process in Congress that requires every amendment to be looked into in chronological order. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski was in support of opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in her home state. Ms. Lisa is the chairwoman of the energy panel.

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