Doe Deere is Changing the World of Adult Fashion

There are quite a few options in the fashion world that might look familiar. From overalls to mermaids and unicorns, these are images that grown-ups wore or had in their homes when they were younger. Some of the items that many adults thought were too childish to wear or possess are becoming a mainstay in the life of an adult. There is a My Little Pony collection being introduced in the spring of 2018 by Moschino. These are ponies that are often found in the bedroom of a young girl and not in the bedroom or closet of an adult woman. However, the designs are enticing to adults who seem to want to relive their childhood through these vintage items that have been given a makeover.

Even though there are companies that are embracing the fun fashions, there are people who are greeting the new designs with a bit of negativity. They are questioning whether the latest fashions and designs are too immature for adults. However, young women are influencing the fashion world as they post pictures of these immature designs on social media sites like Instagram.

Advertising On Social Media

Many people now post pictures of what they wear each day on social media. They want to show off how the clothes make them look or a new outfit that they purchased. They also make sure to give details about the accessories that are with the outfit and where they found the clothes that they wear. When someone shares a piece of clothing or an accessory that is new and exciting or different, then other people want to follow that person and get the same things.

The people who post these images on social media include hashtags and other details that draw more attention. They also tag businesses and their friends and family so that more people see the image, which in turn leads to more people searching online for the same items that are in the picture. Aside from helping people find the items that are shown, it also offers free advertising for the company. There isn’t any kind of significant coverage on social media from the company because people post images and details all the time on their own.

There are numerous items that are making their way into the lives of adults. Some of these things aren’t what you might think of when you picture the typical adult woman, such as heart chokers that are pink and sparkly, glittery phone cases, tops with fur and in neon colors and purses or bags made of shells or other odd items. Most people are looking for clothing or accessories that bring out their personality. They want something that makes a statement instead of following the traditional fashions that have been present for years.

When you see pictures that are in a book or magazine, that person has usually had a touch-up done to make that person look almost perfect. When someone posts a picture on social media, it usually depicts what the person looks like unless there is a filter. The items that are in the picture, such as clothing and accessories, are usually in their natural state and not enhanced. Vintage items like My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Trolls and Polly Pocket are popular once again. It’s like going back to the 1980s instead of living in a technological world of smartphones and computers. Makeup company Lime Crime has also jumped on the vintage train, creating a few eyeshadow colors that feature shades taken from Polly Pocket toys. Doe Deere has always wanted to showcase makeup items that allow women to express their individuality. The makeup colors that she uses are bold and bright instead of just the typical reds and pinks that you might normally wear.

Act Your Age

Instead of wearing the vintage designs, some people think that women should act their age instead of following the immature line. It’s okay to wear bright colors and patterns to express how you feel or what you like. When it brings in plastic hearts on a necklace or a toy that you carry around, some people think it’s a bit childish. Most of the things that are featured on social media in the world of fashion aren’t even real, like mermaids and unicorns, which is why those who are making negative comments are trying to keep women in the world of reality.

The World Of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the owner and founder of Lime Crime. She moved from Russia to New York when she was younger so that she could start a career in fashion. Lime Crime is a company that features everything from lip gloss to eyeshadow in bold and bright colors.

Doe Deere wants women to feel beautiful. She wants to encourage women that they can wear anything that they want so that they can feel like an individual. Her ideas come to life from thinking about what women might enjoy wearing and seeing how customers wear the colors she has developed.

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