Effects of Deporting Immigrants

In the United States, 25 percent of farmhands are illegal immigrants. Since time immemorial, the nation has relied on these immigrants for backbreaking activities. Not only are these jobs exhausting, but they are also known for low wages. This is one of the industries that has seen the most investments in the hot topic of immigration. It has emerged that these growers are preparing to respond to the latest efforts by the Trump administration to send these people home. It has been reported that they plan on lobbying the Congress to allow a legal option that will see these immigrants stay in the US a little bit longer. At the same time, they have said that they are contemplating about investing in crops that are less labor intensive such as tree nuts. This means that they will abandon growing vegetable and fruits. At the same time, they have said that they will mechanize their activities using the latest technology. Finally, these people have said that they will rent land in Mexico to ensure that production is on course. However, they have said that they will not raise wages nor improve working conditions in an effort to attract American workers. They have said that this will never happen even if the federal government deploys the 10,000 immigration officers it has promised.

Western Growers Association leader Tom Nassif mentioned that the crops in the United States will always be harvested by foreign workers. He further said that the federal government should determine whether these workers will be harvesting the crops in America or another economy. A study carried out in 1980 by David Card established that the US economy was not affected by 100,000 Cubans that landed in the state of Florida. The economist noted that neither did they affect the wages nor employment opportunities. While studies since then have tried to establish what he might have missed, they have managed very little. In fact, economists in the US have discovered that even the uneducated American natives are not affected by the arrival of immigrants. Also, it has been revealed by recent studies that expelling immigrants from the United States has not opened new opportunities to native workers. The studies have revealed that the departures have created voids that natives find difficult to fill. Two professors from the state of California known as Annie Laurie Hines and Giovanni Peri revealed that the immigration spree during the first termof Barrack Obama did little to change things in America.

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