How ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Could Approach Controversial King Material

If there was a surprise hit of the Summer of 2017 it had to be, well, the film ‘IT’. This horror-thriller adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name was directed by Andres Muschietti (‘Mama’) and featured a string of child actors who all came out and completely stole the show. ‘IT’ was never supposed to be a horror game changer but it was clear that this was the goal that the production company set out to accomplish. Now, fans are eagerly looking toward the future of the story as ‘IT: Chapter 2’ has already been announced. Unlike most sequels, this is actually warranted and it will help ‘IT’ finish as Stephen King intended. However, as with all of King’s writings, there is some material that may be hard to adapt. Let’s dig in and look at what might be cut from the second installment.

Before Muscheitti took on the role of adapting ‘IT’ many people largely believed that the story just wasn’t fit for television or cinema. Of course, people can fondly look back at the 1990 mini-series starring Tim Curry but most critical reviews have torn that project to shred over time. The reason why ‘IT’ was considered impossible to adapt was as simple as it is convoluted: the story is just way too grand and sprawling. The film is ostensibly about a killer clown who can shape-shift to take on the fears of its victim. Simple, right? Well, it isn’t simple when you read that ‘IT’ is actually a cosmic deity that is waging an all-out, inter-dimensional war against a giant Turtle named Maturin. Shocked yet? We told you there were impossible to adapt aspects. Fortunately, a few professionals from the project have already weighed in on the future of the film.

Bill Skarsgard had a star-turning performance in the first film as Pennywise the clown. He has been vocal about the future of the film and the future of his character. Talking about Pennywise and his mindset, Skarsgard goes on to say: “It could be almost a sort of surrealistic sort of psychedelic trip if you go into the mind of Pennywise.” Skarsgard is, of course, talking about how The Losers (the kids) perform what is called the Ritual of Chud in order to dive deep within Pennywises’ inter-dimensional existence in order to fight him on his home turf. While this Ritual was cut out of the first film the expectation is that it will play a big part in the sequel when the children have all grown up.

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