Kevin Feige Dishes on Future of Marvel Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is, perhaps, one of the greatest achievements in the history of cinema. Now, these films are not going to challenge any of the more artistic entries in Hollywood’s past nor are they going to compete with the sheer money-making ability of James Cameron’s greatest works. What the MCU has done, however, is fundamentally make ‘shared universes’ a staple in a very franchise heavy Hollywood. What is even more impressive is that the Marvel Cinematic Universe, led by Kevin Feige, has managed to keep everything unique and fresh. In fact, Marvel Entertainment’s next three films look to be the most unique and innovative that the company has ever released!

Marvel recently hosted a livestream event in the time running up to the ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ world premiere. During this livestream online MCU head Kevin Feige dropped in sot hat he could share his thoughts on the future of the series and what will be coming up in the next four films. Feige believes that the next four entries in Marvel’s legendary schedule are going to be among the best that they have ever done. Feige said in an interview, “All of the next films by design have been built to be very different, to be very unique.”

Of course, Feige is talking about ‘Ragnarok’, ‘Black Panther’, ‘Infinity War’ and ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’. The majority of these films are either done with production or toward the tail end of production with ‘Ragnarok’ and ‘Infinity War’ set to release soon. Each film has a distinctive visual style, a special direction unit, and a star that completely changes the screen with their presence. Feige went on to say, “All four of those movies are distinct and special and I can’t wait for people to see.” Feige then went inside to watch ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ which has already earned rave reviews from early viewers.

‘Ragnarok’ has been getting steady screen time promotionally over the past couple of months leading to its premiere but the other films in that list haven’t gotten much play. ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ both are completely wrapped productions but the public has been shunned thus far. We have only seen a small teaser for the ‘Infinity War’ and a few images from the upcoming ‘Black Panther’ film. Both movies are going to dramatically alter the landscape of the MCU for years to come and both have all of Marvel’s star power behind them.

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