Logan Stout, CEO of IDLife, Tackles the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Dealing with the aftermath of a Hurricane requires tremendous effort, but it is not something that Logan Stout of IDLife cannot handle. On August 30, he was up at 4 o’clock in the morning collecting the supplies he needed to help with the clean up effort after Hurricane Harvey, and he willingly closed down his offices to put everything into the task at hand.

The offices were turned into a storage area and were full of pallets, but they were picked up to be taken to the cities of Tomball and Houston later that day. People had been bringing things such as pallets all day to Logan Stout’s office, and it was a gesture that was greatly appreciated.

The first thing that Stout agreed to do was offer his warehouse space for whatever purpose it was needed. Then, he had the idea to fill his trucks with supplies and boats. According to Logan Stout, people had been bringing materials that would help people the entire day.

Other business owners also joined in on the rescue effort. One of them was Jonathan Caldwell of Black Tie Moving. Caldwell agreed to use his trucks to carry supplies wherever they needed to go because he wanted to ensure the survival of everyone. Both IDLife and Black Tie Moving were going to be using their trucks to take provisions to Houston in a concerted effort.

Houston native Gundy Gunderson was also at the IDLife dock. His audio-visual company was currently stranded in Dallas, and he was very concerned because his parents were unable to get out of their area. Gundy and his company also had trucks, and they offered these trucks for deliveries as well.

Logan believed that being able to do something for someone who will not be able to return the favor is very special, and this is what makes him feel alive.

David Wilks of South Carolina

The people in Texas did not just have to depend on themselves to clean up the mess that Harvey caused. David Wilks of Camden, South Carolina, decided that he had to help, so he took a trailer to Texas that was filled with provisions for the survivors of the hurricane. David actually got a head start on this current effort because he began to take action after his state experienced floods two years ago. Because of the floods, he knows exactly what it is like to lose everything you had.

Wilks was also a resident of Louisiana at one time, and he lived through Hurricane Isaac, but he began to offer his help after Hurricane Katrina hit. After Hurricane Katrina, he was in the right mindset to deal with Hurricane Isaac and others that came after it. Now, serving people in need is in his blood, and he began collecting food, water, clothes and cleaning supplies to benefit Texans right away.

Wilks and executives with IDLife’s corporate office were working together to set up the times when he would bring the items. He had plans to make three different trips, and he would take the first one on September 5. Wilks believed that he received a commandment from God to help others, and when we do this, we receive many blessings in return. That’s the main reason he does what he does.

About Logan Stout

Logan Stout was already a successful businessman when he decided to step into the health and wellness arena and start a company called “IDLife, LLC.” His company’s mission is to educate the public on matters of health and wellness, but he also provides his customers with the best health and wellness products that he can possibly create. His company has even been recognized for its excellence as it is on the list of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies in the world.

Logan Stout is the founder and CEO of another company as well. It is the Premier Baseball Academy where kids have the chance to take several classes, such as the Arm Velocity Class, Situational Hitting Clinics, Premier Spring Training and Private Lessons. Logan is also an accomplished baseball player himself. He played in college and joined a minor league team after graduation called the “Fort Worth Cats.”

Logan Stout is also an author. His book “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams” was published in 2013. In it, Logan encourages readers to live their life-long passions and live up to their potential, and it received endorsements by two very important business people. One is Daymond John of Shark Tank, and the other is entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran. He entered into a partnership with John C. Maxwell who was named as Inc. Magazine’s “Most Popular Leadership Expert in the World.” Logan and Maxwell will be bringing training opportunities to 196 countries throughout the world. He also assures people that they will benefit immensely from reading the book, so it is definitely a worthwhile endeavor.

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