North East United States Hit by a Major Storm

The Northeast was on Sunday hit by a powerful storm that was characterized by hurricane-force winds. As a result, the winds knocked out power lines affecting the electrical grid. Millions of businesses and homes are without power at the moment. Weather experts say that the storm dumped a few inches of rain in the process. At the same time, the storm hit the area extending from Maine to New Jersey. Branches were brought down in the whole area while trees were uprooted. When the winds reached their maximum, the tumbling trees knocked over power poles and lines. After assessing the nature of the damage, utility companies and providers have warned that it might take some time to restore the power. The New York Times has learned that the worst affected area is Maine. This is a region that has seen over 461,000 customers become affected by electricity outage. The governor of Maine Paul R. LePage has seen the level of damage, thereby, declaring a state of emergency. He further explained that the state of emergency is supposed to assist the power companies in restoring the power quickly.

Central Maine Power Company has issued a statement through their spokeswoman. The company said that it approximated that close to 365,000 customers were without power. This is according to the information that they had received by 8 pm. The company further said that its electrical engineers were racing against time to ground the live wires that had been knocked out. Gain N. Rice, who is the spokeswoman said that that they will not restore power immediately due to logistics. As a result, the earliest that they would be able to restore power was on Wednesday. The National grid also issued a statement relating to the issue. They mentioned that they were using helicopters to inspect the damage that had been caused to the power lines in areas around Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In the statement, the National Grid further warned that customers should treat the restoration as a multi-day effort as there was extensive damage. National Weather has reported that three inches of rain was received during the storm. Central Park in Manhattan is also a victim of the storm. Southern Vermont and Connecticut have also been affected by the storm. The region that was hit hardest is Cape Cod, Massachusetts that witnessed winds traveling at speeds of as high as 183 miles per hour. New Hampshire has also been affected.

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