The Story of an Undocumented Girl Suffering from Cerebral

Earlier this week, a 10-year-old girl arrived at Baptist Children’s Home Ministries in San Antonio, Texas. The special case of this arrival is that the child suffered from cerebral palsy and her name is Rosa Maria Hernandez. While the girl is in a facility that is only three hours away from her parent’s house, she doesn’t understand why her mother has not come to see her days after she underwent an emergency surgery. While the two spoke over FaceTime on Wednesday, she asked her mother whether she could go home after recovering. He mother is known as Felipa de la Cruz, and she’s only fluent in Spanish. She later said that she told her daughter that she would come home after she recovered. She further told her that she was in the hospital because she was recovering. The girl nodded with the words okay mom. However, her mother confessed that she was not sure when her daughter would be released. The girl with her family used to live illegally in the border town of Laredo. On Tuesday morning around 2 a.m., the girl had to be transported from Rosa Maria to Corpus Christi where the emergency gall bladder surgery would be performed.

However, things turned nasty when the ambulance carrying the girl was stopped at a Border Patrol checkpoint. The agents decided to follow the girl to the hospital when they discovered that she was undocumented. Following the discharge of the girl from the hospital, the immigration officials took her to a juvenile center. Her mother says that she cannot visit her kid at a time when she needs her most. If she goes past the border checkpoint, she said that she feared she would be arrested. She says that she gets sad every time she starts to think about the issue. This happens in a year when President Trump has declared a crackdown on immigrants. As a result, the number of people deported from the United States has risen by 40 percent. While activists in America have rallied for her, prayed for her and fundraised for her, politicians have also called for her release. While border patrol has been subjected to increased criticism about the way that it handled the situation, the body has said that it followed the correct procedure. However, supporters of tougher immigration policies have requested the border patrol to stick to the guns as being sympathetic would send a weaker policy message.

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