A New Report on Climate Change in America

Scientists who believe in climate change say that the phenomenon has hit the United States more than ever. Going by the damages and impacts on sectors of the economy, infrastructure, regions, and communities, things are about to become worse. This is part of what the National Climate Assessment concluded on Friday when they released an annual report. The report had been written to detail the current as well as the future impacts of climate change. The report had been written by 13 federal agencies. The report has been referred to as volume two. Before the report can be availed to the public, it will be reviewed by an expert committee known as the National Academies of Medicine, Engineering, and Sciences. The report will be published in 2018 after a series of revisions. This report is said to contain a number of the findings that were detailed in the previous report by the National Climate Assessment. However, there are some reports that some emphasis has changed especially considering that some of the impacts have been felt this year in different parts of America.

Materialization of predicted impacts
The report discovered that most of the predicted impacts about how the global warming can impact the society are being felt today. In one of the studies back in 2014, there were predictions that rising sea levels would lead to increased flooding in coastal cities. Scientists today confirm that the predictions of this study have come to pass. For instance, the residents of Hampton Roads in Virginia had to stay indoors for some time after the area experienced tidal flooding. Warming oceans have also disrupted the fisheries of the United States. For instance, fishermen in Maine said that lobster catches peaked a month earlier than the expected time.

Air quality
In the past few years, the debate on climate change has emphasized the role of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide in warming planet earth. The latest draft, has, however, taken a new approach. The new report wants to establish the role that other pollutants such as smoke and ozone gases can play in climate change. These are gases that cause respiratory problems. At the same time, they are said to cause some premature death. The report says that there is high confidence that the ozone layer will be destroyed more as temperatures rise. At the end of the report, it discusses the issue of adaptation and gives some recommendations.

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