A Special Night for the Republican Party

The American suburbs have rejected Donald Trump’s divisive politics. This came after a mixture of ethnic minorities, racial minorities and college-educated voters chose the Democratic Party over the Republican Party. Republicans have been shunned from a number of places such as polyglot developments of Prince William and Fairfax County, Virginia, the high-tech regions of Seattle and the tax-obsessed areas of New York City. This is something that both leaders from the Republican and the Democratic Party agree on. They said that the voters in these areas had sent a warning that the Republicans should expect the worst in the upcoming midterms.

Political experts have warned that the power of the Republicans in the House will be determined by how the multiethnic communities and socially moderate communities vote next year. Pennsylvania Republican Charlie Dent said that the voters are venting out their anger against the divisive politics of the president. He further said that the voters can show the president that they are angry by only going after the Republicans who are up for re-election. For these elections, the Democrats managed to sweep positions in Virginia. At the same time, this meant that they neared the House of Delegates majority that has been under the control of the Republicans. However, the GOP had managed this by carrying out gerrymandering making themselves virtually unassailable. Some of the places where they were able to seize executive offices include the Nassau and Westchester Counties in New York.
At the same time, the Democratic Party managed to win mayoral seats in Manchester, New Hampshire and Petersburg in Florida. The distressing thing for the Republicans is that these are races that favored them with a few days to go. In the state of Washington, the Democrats were able to record wins that ensured that they took control of the State Senate. It was also a good night for the Democrats who won council seats in the Philadelphia suburbs of Delaware County. This is an area that has turned out to be a perennial congressional battleground. The winning streak was also present in the South as Democrats from Georgia managed to wrestle two seats from the Republicans. This happened in Buckhead near Atlanta, an area they had not fielded a Democratic candidate in the recent years due to the dominance of the Republicans. Washington State Republican Party former chairman Chris Vance said that the party had been obliterated from most of the suburbs.

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