American Civil Liberties Union to Sue Trump Administration

The American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU has confirmed that it will be suing the Trump administration for holding a 10-year-old immigrant girl in detention despite suffering from cerebral palsy. The firm made this announcement on Tuesday. The incident, on the other hand, happened last week when the ambulance transporting the girl to the hospital was stopped by Border Patrol agents. However, the agents allowed the girl to proceed to her destination, but they followed her. When the girl was released from the hospital she had been admitted to, she was taken away by the federal officials.

It has emerged that the girl is known as Rosa Maria Hernandez. She used to live with her mother in Laredo, Texas before the arrest. He mother said that she cannot come to see her child as she will be arrested and deported. The family has been living illegally in the US, and the young girl was smuggled into America when she was just three months old. The girl’s case has opened a debate on the national level. As a result, some institutions have pleaded with the federal agents to set the girl free. Some of these include the American Academy of Pediatrics and some members of the Congress. In the lawsuit, the Civil Liberties have argued that the federal agents detained the girl erroneously and illegally. The lawsuit according to the people who have seen it was filed in the United States District Court in San Antonio.

The lawyers further argue that the girl is being denied her constitutional rights by the federal officials. This is based on separating the child from her parents without due process. The firm further requested the court to issue a court restraining order that would ensure that the girl is released. One of the lawyers working in the case is Michael Tan. He said that the case was shocking. He further said that every lawyer who specializes in immigration is worried at the moment. On its part, the Customs and Border Protection agency responded through a spokesman. The institution said that it would not comment on ongoing litigation. At the moment, Rosa is being held at the Baptist Children’s Home that is located in San Antonio. This is a center that is used for unaccompanied minors. When the young girl was arrested, she was travelling with her cousin Aurora Cantu who is 34. She is also a permanent resident of America.

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