Eight People Die in New York in a Terrorist Attack

The New York Police Department has confirmed that the latest attack that killed eight people in the city is an act of terrorism. The man who killed the eight people drove his pickup truck in an area that was being used for bike riding. The attack took place along Hudson River in Manhattan. The perpetrator then injured 11 more people. A police officer on patrol, however, managed to shoot the terrorist. At the moment, police are treating the case as the deadliest attack in New York since the September 11, 2001 attacks. The motorist has been identified as Sayfullo Saipov who is 29-years –old. The attack began when the man drove his pickup truck into a school bus. After the incident, he jumped out of the car and ran away waving his gun while at the same time shouting Allahu Akbar, an Arabic term used to mean God is great. However, he was pinned down by an officer, and he is still in critical condition. According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, the case is being treated as a terrorist attack. At the same time, federal officials have jumped into the investigation. The investigators have further said that they found notes written in Arabic near the truck. This is a further indication that the man showed allegiance to the Islamic States. The officials also said that they had not come across concrete evidence to believe that Mr. Saipov is a member of the Islamic State. Two counterterrorism officials said that the case was being treated as an inspired attacker.

While speaking at a news conference, the mayor called this an act of cowardice that was meant to kill innocent people. The United States government issued a statement saying that it would release the names of the victims later. At the same time, Argentinian and Belgian governments issued a statement saying that some of the victims were their citizens. The perpetrator has been in the country since 2010 when he moved from Uzbekistan. He managed this through a green card lottery meaning that he had acquired a permanent legal residence. Before this incident, he was a resident of Paterson, N.J. He had previously lived in Tampa, Florida. He was living in a home depot in New Jersey before the attack. Soon after the investigators began looking into his history, it was discovered that he had been under the radar from the Department of Homeland Security for some time.

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