Joint Defense Facility Pine Gap under increased Scrutiny 8

Margaret Pestorius is an Australian woman who had to attend court hearings last month. She ensured that she got all the attention that day as she arrived wearing a wedding dress. In a brief description, the dress had sun faces, signs of peace and had some pictures of doves. The dress was orange-cream and it was very bright. Asked why she came dressed like that, she said that the dress represented the colors of Easter. She also referred to the dress as a resurrection dress. She told reporters that she was a Catholic and has opposed war in her 53 years on earth. However, the day didn’t end well for her as she was convicted by an Australian court of trespassing. This was not a normal trespass as she managed to enter a military base belonging to the United States. Also, the military base is hidden from the outside world. This is a base that’s very crucial for America in its fight against terrorism. It’s the base that’s used to control the satellites that are very crucial in gathering terrorist information and at the same time guide missile strikes. This information was obtained from documents that had been leaked from National Security Agency as well as opinions of experts. The facility has been identified as the Joint Defense Facility Pine Gap.

The facility can be identified by the isolated and dotted satellite dishes in the middle of nowhere. In the last few days, the facility has attracted thousands of war protestors in Australia. The past two weeks alone have seen the conviction of six people including Ms. Pestorius. The convictions, however, were carried out separately. These protestors could be jailed for up to seven years for their actions. Jim Dowling is another protestor who provides his understanding of the war. The 62- year-old man says that loving our neighbor is pretty basic. He further says that people should strive to do good to the people who persecute them. He calls for nonviolence resolution of conflicts affecting humanity today. Nonetheless, the decision by the Australian government to prosecute these people have only increased attention to the facility. Pine Gap was created during the Cold War era. To the Australian public, the center was portrayed as a space research facility. This was back in 1966. The station was used to spy on the Soviet Union. This has seen the facility house linguists, cryptologists, and engineers in the name of CIA agents.

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