Karl Heideck Reveals Pennsylvania’s Most Peculiar State Laws

Karl Heideck Reveals Pennsylvania's Most Peculiar State Laws
Karl Heideck Reveals Pennsylvania's Most Peculiar State Laws

While most laws make sense, there are some state laws that leave people scratching their heads. For example, one Arizona town made it illegal for people to let a donkey sleep in a bathtub. Pennsylvania has some of its own strange laws. In a recent article, attorney Karl Heideck reviewed some of the state’s most peculiar laws.

Paintball Guns

In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to even point a paintball gun at someone who is not participating in the sport. If a person damages someone’s property by using a paintball gun, he or she will face serious penalties. Pennsylvania also has laws specifying how a person should transport a paintball gun in a vehicle.


Fishing enthusiasts in Pennsylvania are prohibited from keeping dynamite in a tackle box. There are also laws about unacceptable types of bait. People are not allowed to use live carp, comets or goldfish. Also, they cannot catch fish with their hands.

Hunting Animals

Pennsylvania hunters are not allowed to hunt any animals in graveyards. However, there is another similar statute that is only applicable to large animals. If large animals are swimming, hunters are not allowed to shoot them. This means that a hunter who shoots a deer in a stream and gets caught could face serious penalties. People must obtain a license to hunt on their own land or anywhere else.


In many states, residents can buy liquor in a gas station or in a grocery store. However, hard liquor can only be sold in a government-run store in Pennsylvania. Fortunately, the Liquor Control Board makes it easy to locate such stores on its website. There are about 600 participating stores throughout Pennsylvania. A 2016 law made it possible for convenience stores to start selling beer, and grocery stores were able to sell wine. If a person is not buying beer from a state-approved distributor, he or she may only purchase one package.


According to Pennsylvania’s housing laws, there must be a bathroom within 200 feet of a child’s bedroom. The bathroom must include either a shower stall or a bathtub. However, there are exceptions for mobile homes and camper trailers. An exceptionally strange law states that it is illegal to sing in the bathtub.


If a bride and groom want to fire a cannon at their wedding, they should not plan to get married in Pennsylvania. There is a law that prohibits the firing of cannons by the public. Also, people are not allowed to fire rifles, pistols or fireworks during weddings and special events. If a minister sees that a bride and groom are drunk, he or she cannot perform a marriage ceremony. This means that a person who claims to have been drunk at the time of the wedding to get out of a marriage is admitting to a criminal act.

Female Residents

If a bunch of women decide that they want to rent a big house together, their group must not exceed 15 inhabitants. Pennsylvania lawmakers said that more than 15 women living together are considered to be running a brothel, which is illegal in the state. An older law states that women who are housewives are not allowed to sweep dirt under a rug.

There are several strange laws in different Pennsylvania cities. For example, an old Pittsburgh law prohibits people from bringing their donkeys or mules on local trolleys. Another law in a small Pennsylvania city requires women to get a permit if they want to use cosmetics. There are stories of other strange laws in municipalities throughout Pennsylvania. However, some may not be true. When in doubt about a law, ask a knowledgeable Pennsylvania attorney.

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