Legendary RPG ‘Skyrim’ Comes to Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is, without a doubt, one of the biggest technical surprises of the year. Fans around the world have always stood by Nintendo as being innovators in their industry however that doesn’t mean that the company can’t have missteps. The WiiU, for all of its high-quality games, still struggled to make a difference on shelves. Then the Nintendo Switch came along and everything changed. Nintendo’s newest console, which blends mobile experience with classical console gaming, has shown that Nintendo is serious about changing their approach. In changing their approach Nintendo has also beefed up their library and the most recent addition, Bethesda’s port of the legendary RPG ‘Skyrim’, could be a game changer.

‘Skyrim’ made its way to Xbox and PC back in 2011 and it was immediately apparent that the title would be a game-changer for the genre. ‘Skyrim’ quickly turned into Bethesda’s flagship title and since then the game has been ported, updated, and upgraded easily half of a dozen times. Nintendo finally got in on the action and approached Bethesda to work hand-in-hand for a port to the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has, for the most part, stayed away from these expansive and more adult-oriented gaming experiences but the switch is changing that concept up completely.

While ‘Skyrim’ may be nearly eight years old, the game’s port to the Nintendo Switch has gone as efficiently and effectively as you could have hoped for. The Nintendo Switch has enough power to grasp what ‘Skyrim’ has to offer and it the game looks smoother than ever. Character models and textures are upgraded and the expansive world of Skyrim looks as fresh as ever on Nintendo’s mobile console. However, most people aren’t buying ‘Skyrim’ for the Switch in order to see improved graphics. Instead, they are opting for the port so that they can take advantage of Nintendo’s finest innovation yet — the Joy Con controls.

One of the biggest, and most unique elements, of this port, is the use of the Joy-Con controls. Using the Joy-Con controllers in order to fight in Skyrim feels like something we could never NOT have access to again. On top of that, the fact that the most legendary RPG of all time is now a mobile experience is something that is just too cool to ignore. The addition of ‘Skyrim’ to Nintendo’s newest console shows that the company is focused on truly embracing as many new and high-quality titles as possible. We, for one, are grateful.

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