Oncotarget’s New Podcast Series Increases Scientific Access to Key Oncology Research

Oncotarget Launches a Podcast Making Their Research Available on Audio Files for Busy Medical Professionals

New frontiers in the dissemination of scientific work and research are opening up thanks to a new series of podcasts provided by Oncotarget.  The world’s largest peer-reviewed research publication on oncology published twice weekly, Oncotarget is launching a new series of podcasts providing key scientific content to help scientists delve further into a variety of research papers and discoveries published in the Oncotarget journal.

Additional New Free Benefits for Oncotarget Users

Oncotarget is thrilled that its new podcast series will benefit its user base through an additional new, free subscription service, and is quick to point out that the podcasts also benefit our authors by helping them to communicate their findings and disseminate their research to pertinent stakeholders and other key investors. Overall, all users of the Oncotarget service will benefit from diversified new ways to access information through streams targeted for different users.

The podcast series provides multiple broadcast streams, each targeting diverse subscribers, and providing different types of information.  The goal is to serve not only the scientific research community, but also other interested parties in the general public interested in the subject of cancer research and new developments in oncology. By covering these topics, as well as related subjects in other areas such as endocrinology, cardiology, cell biology, pharmacology and many more, Oncotarget provides a full-service resource for anyone interested in staying abreast of the latest findings in cancer research.

Unabridged Readings of Published White Papers

Many scientists have limited time but want to constantly gather and digest as much relevant content and information from the field as possible.  For these users, Oncotarget has designated one podcast to regularly stream full, unabridged audio readings of its key white papers. This means that researchers will be able to access this information in its entirety during their commute or while working in the laboratory, with Oncotarget’s most valuable content at their disposal.

Author Interviews

A second podcast streams live interviews and conversations with key contributing authors and researchers to expand the information and discussion provided by the white paper alone.  Authors speak directly about their work in these discussions, and may present novel, unexpected, noteworthy, or challenging aspects of their research, while also discussing new developments in the field of oncology and cancer research.

Entries from the Oncotarget Blog

Because the study of Oncology affects not only the scientific community, but may other interest parties, such as patients, doctors, family members, and other health professionals, Oncotarget provides a third podcast focused on streaming select blog entries and related information tailored for a more general audience.  For those listeners who wish to remain informed of the most advanced and newest developments in oncology and subjects pertaining to cancer research, these podcasts provide informational coverage in plain language of some of our top performing research papers, so as to broaden the discussion and make important findings and information accessible and comprehensible for the public at large.

Oncotarget’s Commitment to Effective Content Dissemination

Reiterating Oncotarget’s commitment to service beyond the publication of white papers, Mikhail BlagosklonnyOncotarget’s editor-in-chief notes: “Our mission has always been to make exceptional discoveries rapidly and widely available, eliminate borders between specialties by linking different fields of biomedical science and foster applications of basic and clinical science.”  Blagosklonny explains that Oncotarget’s service has thus far included publicizing research on the Oncotarget homepage, as well as its social platforms, and through a variety of other public relations efforts.  He adds, “This new podcast series will be another way to deliver people free access to the research published in this journal.”

Subscribe to the Oncotarget Podcast Series

The podcast series is accessible for listeners by signing up for a subscription through StitcherBlubrry, and Soundcloud.  Subscribe today and tune in to hear the latest news and information regarding the field of oncology and cancer research.

About Oncotarget

Oncotarget is the world’s only peer-reviewed, open access biomedical journal published twice weekly and devoted to covering topics on all aspects of oncology and cancer research.  Oncotarget is owned by Rapamycin Press, the publishing division of Impact Journals LLC.

Oncotarget publishes articles and research papers on oncology as well as providing sub-sections on related topics such as Aging, Autophagy, Immunology and Microbiology, Chromosomes, Metabolism, Pathology, and many others.



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