Alabama’s Response To Roy Moore’s Objection, China’s Purported Inappropriate Behavior With North Korea, And News From Donald Trump

Just like every day in the United States, countless newsworthy events took place, although only a handful of them reached national news media circles. One of the most prominent stories from Thursday, December, 28th, is in regards to former Alabama state Judge Roy Moore – what did the state of Alabama do in response to his formal request, on Wednesday the 27th?

Let’s find out!

Roy Moore Isn’t Going To Be The Next Senator Of The State Of Alabama

Earlier this week, on Wednesday, the 27th, Roy Moore had filed an official complaint against the state of Alabama in the Alabama State Supreme Court.

According to reporters belonging to The New York Times, Mr. Roy Moore was formally removed from contention for Alabama’s sole opening for senator. As such, Doug Jones is now, finally, the official winner of December’s special election for the opening of senator in Alabama.

Roy Moore had also ran for governor as a Republican in both the 2006 and 2010 election years. Despite the sexual scandal Moore is currently in the middle of, many believe he’s planning on giving the governor’s position yet another run, if not enter himself into contention for attorney general.

Donald Trump Finds Himself In Headlines – A Multi-Daily Occurrence – For Openly Displaying Distaste For China’s Stance On Trade With North Korea

Chinese authorities have been known to have recently provided North Korean buyers with oil and its derivative products. Many of the world’s politicians believe that, in order to solve – at least mitigate – Pyongyang’s production of nuclear weapons, it’s essential to cut off all external trade routes with North Korea, forcing Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship to source its own materials from within.

Donald Trump said on Thursday, December 28th, “I have been soft on China,” in regards to not getting involved with stopping the flow of oil and other products to North Korea.

More Presidential News – Trump Is Still Disbelieving Of Global Warming

Most people know that climate is a long-term collection of an area’s weather – what happens on a day-to-day basis – patterns. Global warming refers to a phenomenon by which humans have contributed significantly to over the past century-plus, if not even longer.

Donald trump tweeted “[The United States} could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming,” recently, in response to a bitter cold front sweeping the country, on December 28th.

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