James Cameron Regrets Missing Out on Bill Paxton for ‘Avatar’.

James Cameron is one of the most prolific and iconic filmmakers in the history of the artform. Bill Paxton was one of the most revered character actors to ever set foot on the silver screen. Cameron and Paxton had an amazing relationship that turned into a partnership which typically resulted in great artwork. Cameron and Paxton collaborated on several amazing films together including ‘The Terminator’, ‘Titanic’ and ‘True Lies’. Unfortunately, with the tragic passing of Bill Paxton, their final reunion never got to take place on the upcoming ‘Avatar’ films. Cameron cited Paxton as a close friend was notably quiet following Paxton’s untimely passing. Finally, Cameron opened up to talk a little bit about their relationship and what a future partnership would have looked like.

James Cameron spoke extensively about his plans for the future of the ‘Avatar’ franchise, which recently began production on four more follow-up films to the original hit. When speaking on his work with the new ‘Avatar’ films, Paxton’s name naturally came up. Cameron said of Paxton, “I was staring down the barrel of four more Avatar films and I was thinking of a good place, a good fit for Bill.” Of course with Paxton’s passing everything had changed. Cameron goes on to say, “That denied us that next chance to work together. I would have loved to have continued working with Bill.”

For some entertainer-director combinations, it seems like things just always have a way of working out. Paxton arguably stole the show in ‘Aliens 2’ as a wise-cracking space-marine who had just the right line at just the right time. Unfortunately, we’ll never get to see Paxton take to science fiction, or any fiction, ever again. Cameron reflected on why he didn’t have Paxton involved in the original ‘Avatar’ film and he couldn’t quite come up with a clear reason. Cameron says, “I don’t think there was a part that fit him well. Otherwise, I would have loved to have him involved.”

Fans in the entertainment world will get to return to the world of Pandora in ‘Avatar 2’ when it releases on the tentative date of December 18th, 2020. There is still a long way to go between now and then but Cameron is putting all of his eggs into one basket in order to continue to develop the series. Even without Paxton’s work on the project, fans should still be excited for the return of a filmmaking auteur.

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