North Korea Has Made Headlines Once Again

North Korea, unfortunately, has consistently been mentioned in some of the news world’s biggest headlines throughout the past two years, almost exclusively due to “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong Un’s taste for nuclear weapons and fondness for testing their performance on land and sea.

Several months ago, the United Nations Security Council collectively ruled that no nations should provide any type of commodities, goods, services – really, anything – to the rebellious country, alleged to be home to concentration camps, a failing food rations program, and being unable to escape the country.

It’s difficult to keep all 194 nations that aren’t North Korea – of 195 in the world – from engaging in commercial activity with the country. As such, some countries across the Eurasian content have been accused of shipping goods and commodities to North Korea, apparently not taking the United Nation Security Council’s resolution seriously.

Russia Is In A World Of Its Own – North Korea Must Be On That Planet, Too

Russia has been accused of transferring crude oil and its derivates to North Korean ships in the Pacific Ocean.

Such an action is inconsiderate of the world’s welfare, as North Korean could very well fire nuclear weapons across the world and harm society, not to mention the well-being of the only planet we’re able to live on – planet Earth.

Here’s When The Alleged Misconduct Took Place

Allegations claim that Russian sea vessels met up with those from North Korea a minimum of three times throughout October and November. There’s also been another incident take place in September of this year, where ships hailing from North Korea purchased fuel form Russian ships.

On all four occasions, North Korean forces reported they were transporting their goods to other countries than North Korea, their homeland. However, as we know today, the North Korean ships simply took such oil for their own benefit.

The Russian Government Might Not Be In Support Of The Commercial Activity

Anonymous sources high up in the world of security have confirmed that those Russian ships weren’t backed by the government, or, at least there’s no way to tell if they are.

The United Nations Security Council banned about 90 percent of all oil supplies it was getting, making it far more difficult for the dictatorship to create nuclear missiles and other weapons of mass destruction for potential war.

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