Roy Moore Has Officially Filed A Complaint Regarding December’s Special Election For An Alabama State Senate Seat

Statewide Senate elections rarely break national headlines. While they’re typically broadcast across the states they take place in, very few – let’s consider Alabama, for example – Senate elections would reach Oregon, Alaska, Indiana, Maine, Florida, and other far-far-away states across the nation.

Most everyone in the United States that keeps up with popular news with even the narrowest margin of attention either saw headlines and others’ related opinions on various websites or social media, or heard them on radio and television, related to Alabama’s December election to see if Democrat Doug Jones could forcefully rip away a Republican majority vote from the deep-red state of Alabama, known to rarely vote in favor of Democrats.

As most know, Doug Jones – the unlikely winner, strictly speaking to his status as a Democrat – won the Alabama state Senate election, by a margin of 1.5 percentage points – 49.9 to 48.4 percent.

Controversy Surrounding Roy Moore Propelled The Topic Into Every News Circle In The United States

Just one month prior to December’s special election, Leigh Corfman reached out to The Washington Post and shared former Alabama State Judge Roy Moore had initiated sexual contact with her at the age of 14 – Mr. Moore was thirty-two years of age at the time of the alleged incident.

That month, November of 2017, eight additional women came forward with similar stories. Of the total of nine women that shared their shocking recounts of alleged events, only one was over the age of 18. Roy Moore was, at minimum, in his early 30s throughout the timeline of all accusations that were made public.

Many Thought Roy Moore Would Still Win

Political experts and widely relied-upon election vote count models had trouble predicting the outcome of the November, 2017 Alabama Senate election. In the late evening hours of December 12th, the vote count finally surfaced – Doug Jones won.

Roy Moore Is Now Formally Contesting The Election

Even though Jones won by a whopping 20,000-plus votes, Roy Moore recently filed a complaint regarding the election to the Circuit Court of Montgomery, Alabama.

Evidence that Moore cited in the complaint consisted of a polygraph that suggested he didn’t commit any illegal acts with underage women, including an assertion that thousands of non-native voters – largely from Mississippi, Georgia, and other nearby states – were wrongly allowed to cast votes, the majority of which solidified Doug Jones’ triumphant win.

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