2018 Poses BIG Year for Superhero Franchises.

So long as you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll understand that 2018 may be the year that defines the superhero film adaptation. Of course, we aren’t throwing shade at past releases like ‘The Avengers’ or ‘Justice League’ (Okay, a little shade at ‘Justice League’) but we are more pointing out how the table is completely being reset by some of the biggest entries in comic-to-film adaptation history. For as much as the box office struggled in 2017, if fans line up for superhero films like normal than 2018 could not only be a return to the norm, it could be a return to box office excellence.

One of the most interesting comic book releases of 2018 will be Fox’s ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason why all eyes will be on this release is simple: Disney bought the rights to X-Men from Fox and this could very well be the last X-Men release with these actors playing these characters. Of course, ‘Dark Phoenix’ will have to overcome the forgettable experience that was ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ but we don’t think that is a high bar to hurdle. On the same wavelength, all eyes will also be on ‘Deadpool 2’ — another hot Fox property that was acquired by Disney. This R-Rated franchise was a breath of fresh air when it first released and the second film should not only amp up the budget, but also double-down on the vulgarity and hilarity. We are living in a timeline where the Merc With a Mouth gets an R-Rated, big-budget release. Embrace it.

Of course, any discussion of comic book adaptations has to settle in on the work that Disney is doing with Marvel. We will be getting one of the most momentous super-hero films of all time in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and that is a title that may likely never be taken by another film. Marvel has been building their Marvel Cinematic Universe for a decade now, spanning over 18 films, and this is the culmination of all of that work. While ‘Infinity War’ may end up being one of the biggest-budgeted films in movie history, thanks to its large cast of A-List stars, it should also easily destroy box office records domestically and around the world. Fans should be lining up already at the box office, this is going to be a big year and we can’t wait.

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