6 Reasons To Choose Aloha Construction for your Roofing and Siding Needs

You may have heard of Aloha Construction before. They are one of the top roofing and siding contractors in the area. Founded by Dave Farbaky in 2008, the company has ten years of trusted experience behind them. If you need repairs or a remodel done in 2018, Aloha Construction is the company for you. Here are the six reasons why you should choose Aloha Construction for your roofing and siding needs this year.

They Serve all of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

Yes, you read that right. This company which started out as a small, family-owned business has expanded in the past ten years. Now they have two offices, the original headquarters in Lake Zurich, and a second office in Bloomington. This allows them to serve homeowners across Illinois and into southern Wisconsin. In 2017, Aloha Construction even reached their goal of completing 20,000 roofing jobs in the state of Illinois. Clearly, this is a company with tons of local experience under their belt!

They Won the BBB Award for Marketplace Ethics

BB Awards Aloha Construction Lake ZUrich No one wants to work with a dishonest company. Unfortunately, when it comes to home repair, not every business is reputable. Luckily, you can count on Aloha Construction. They value their community and pride themselves on providing great customer service.

In 2017, they even won the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. The BBB recognized them as providing high-quality and honest services to their community year after year. If you want a roofing and siding contractor that will complete their work at a fair price and on time, Aloha Construction is the company for you.

Get Everything You Need in One Place

Did you know that Aloha Construction has a partner company? Aloha Restoration Co. was re-launched in 2017. This business works alongside Dave and his team at Aloha Construction and provides everything for interiors. They fix and restore fire, water, smoke and mold damages. They are also experts in all things remodeling. Kitchens, floors, bathrooms, and finished basements are all a part of their extensive repertoire.

Why use two companies for your exterior and interior repairs when you can simplify it with just one? From roofing repair to basement work, Aloha Construction and their partner Aloha Restoration Co. can now provide it all.

They Help You Finance the Job

Sometimes, we don’t always have the budget for the roofing repairs we need. No one should have to go without though, and now you don’t have to. In 2017, Aloha Construction became “roofers who finance.” This means that they can help you figure out your payment process every step of the way.

Avoid the confusion with loans and financing when you work with Aloha Construction and their new partner Synchrony Financial. The two businesses have paired up to make sure your questions are answered and your payments are as easy as possible from start to finish.

They Support the Community

construction Aloha RestorationAnother reason to choose Aloha Construction for your roofing and repair needs in 2018, is because of their continuous support of the community. Dave and his team at the business are always looking for new ways to give back. They often sponsor local sports teams like the Kane County Cougars, Flying Aces Hockey, Bloomington Thunder, and even the football team at Lake Zurich High School.

That isn’t all though. Right now, Aloha Construction has partnered with Illinois State University Athletics and Camp One Step to donate $5 for every assist scored in the men’s and women’s basketball games. This money will help children with cancer experience summer camp activities they otherwise would miss out on!

When you shop local and use a local company like Aloha Construction for your housing repairs, you become an essential part of supporting the community as well.

They Are Highly Trained Professionals

One of the Aloha Construction mission statements is to maintain high levels of professionalism, honesty, and integrity in their work, and make sure your house is never in the hands of amateurs. They do this in two ways.

First, they give every home a rigorous nine-step inspection process before work even begins, to pinpoint every issue and what is needed to solve it. The second way they ensure high-quality work is by making every employee go through complete training to receive their certification from the Vinyl Siding Institute. Aloha Construction only hires the best, so you only receive the best in work, repairs, and customer service.

Aloha Construction is proud to be a part of the Lake Zurich and Bloomington communities. If you are looking for a roofing and siding contractor for your home repairs this year, look no further than this company.

Aloha Construction serves all of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin and recently completed 20,000 repairs in the state. They are experienced and highly trained professionals with all required certifications. They are also trustworthy. Recently, they received the BBB Award for Marketplace Ethics to recognize their efforts to provide honest work to the community, as well as their efforts to give back. The business regularly sponsors local sports teams in the area and works with local charities and organizations to donate time and money.

The final reasons to choose Aloha Construction this year are because they make it easy. With their new partnership with Aloha Restoration Co, you can get all your interior and exterior repairs in one place. They also have a partnership with Synchrony Financial so creating your payment plan and securing financing is now easier than ever.

So, what are you waiting for? If you need roofing, siding, a remodel, or repairs for your house give Aloha Construction a call today!

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