The Cause Of The Frigid Cold On The East Coast

An analysis has declared the incredibly cold Arctic blast as a freak of nature, not as an effect from global warming. According to a group of international scientists, the frigid cold is fifteen times rarer than it was last century. The analysis was performed to determine if climate change is causing changes in the weather, or if it is simply mother nature at work.

The Midwest region and the East Coast were both hit with a harsh cold snap. According to Climate Central and the Center for Atmospheric Research, the cold snap was a rarity. Hurricane Harvey and numerous additional weather events were connected by the same group to global warming caused by man. According to the group, nature was not responsible for the flooding in the Caribbean and United States. For more details, visit Your text to link….

According to Princeton University’s Gabriel Vecchi, this type of storm was much more common last century, but is considered a strange occurrence in modern times. The World Weather Attribution went back to 1880 to analyze the records pertaining to the weather. They discovered every 250 years, frigid weather will hit the United States reaching from Minnesota to Maine. This occured early in the 1900’s, but was more frequent at seventeen year intervals. According to the team, this type of cold has lessened in intensity and frequency due to the effects of climate change.

According to Marshall Shepherd, a meteorology professor with the University of Georgia, the findings correlate with studies from the past. Shepherd did not participate in the current studies, but believes the reaction of the public to the frigid cold was because this type of weather has become so much less frequent. The basis of the study was on the statistics and observations conducted by the team. There was no evidence revealed to support a link between the ice melting in the Arctic sea, and the escape of frigid air from the top of the globe.

Scientists are still debating this theory, and many are becoming believers due to the changes in pressure responsible for the plunging of the jet stream, and the freezing of weather systems. No evidence of this nature was unearthed by the scientific studies, and this group has made connections between extreme events and Arctic warming. Since changes in the atmospheric pressure do not happen frequently, the studies are forced to rely on the national average.

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