A Helicopter Crash in a Resident Community in South California.

A four-seat Robinson R44 helicopter took off on Tuesday but shortly crashed into a California home in the south. The crash injured at least two people and killed three on the spot. Officials reported that the helicopter went down in a gated community about 45 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The chopper crashed in a residential gated community where several people were injured, and one person lost his life. Officials reported that those injured were standing on the ground outside their houses. Those that were injured were immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment, but no immediate word on their current condition was reported.

Marian Michaels, a resident of the gated community, made a statement saying there were sudden tremors and their houses were shaking tremendously. She was upstairs in her home right behind where the helicopter crashed. At one time she thought that they were having an earthquake. Roger Johnson, a resident of the same community, said he was in his garage doing woodwork when he suddenly heard the sound of a helicopter then a terrific explosion right across the streets. Roger hurriedly moved out of his garage, when he looked up he saw a flying metal which hit the garage door. Immediately he heard several screams and wails similar to those heard in horror movies.

Roger said that he did not hesitate, he rushed to the scene only to meet wreckage and several people who had already started to pull victims out of the chopper. Johnson quickly advised them to stop pulling them out so that no further injuries could be sustained. Another neighbor reported to one of the TV stations that he witnessed the pilot lying on the grass injured but alive, and the other three passengers were still trapped in the wreckage. The neighbor’s name was not reported, he further said they feared to pull them out since they didn’t want to hurt anybody. The three were still crunched together, and he even saw one of them move an arm.

It’s so evident that the helicopter crashed with a super force which left it unrecognizable. The remainder metals sat outside of one of the houses in a heap. Audrey Ellis, a resident who lives right next door where the chopper crashed said that she was not at home, but her neighbors told her that they were in the kitchen doing dishes when the helicopter crashed. The helicopter hit their bedroom but lucky enough no one was injured. Ian Gregor, a spokesman of Federal Aviation, said that the helicopter took off from a nearby airport (John Wayne) 1.6 kilometers from the crash. Efforts to seek some comments on the accident from the Aviation management were not received immediately.

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