The NBA Would Like To Legalize Sports Gambling

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has been flirting with the idea of sports gambling for some time. They have been considered the most open to the idea of any of the major sports leagues for a while now. Well now, they have officially come out as being in favor of legalizing it. In fact, some of their top officials even pitched their own ideas for how this could work on a national scale.

An attorney for the NBA told the New York State Committee on Racing, Gaming, and Wagering that the league has studied the issue extensively. He said that the league supports the idea of legalizing sports wagering and believes that it would be good for the sports-loving public as well.

The attorney said that he and the league wanted to see a safe and legal way for fans of the game to bet on games while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the game. The league believes that people will bet on the games legal or not, but that legalizing it makes things a lot safer for all who are involved. It also helps to cut out some of the potential for screwing around with the games.

Everyone is kind of holding their breath right now to see what the United States Supreme Court comes back with on a case that they took up from the State of New Jersey. In that case, the State is challenging the sports gambling ban within its own borders. However, the Supreme Court would likely overturn the federal sports gambling ban as well if they were to side with New Jersey. As such, those who love to bet on sports are eagerly waiting to see what the Court comes back with.

The NBA and many other advocates would like to see Congress set a strict framework for legalizing sports betting on a national level. This would mean regulations on who can offer the bets, how those bets are paid out, and so many other technical issues that could come up.

Currently, those who choose to wager on games illegally are dealing with potentially shady characters, and they have no real safeguard against not getting paid out or simply having their money stolen from them. These are the kind of things that the NBA would like to see put to rest. Given this, look for what the Supreme Court rules, and see if other major sports leagues join in the calls put out by the NBA.

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