Nutella Discount Makes French Supermarket Customers Go Crazy

Nutella may be everyone’s favorite chocolate spread. It is the chocolate goodness you can buy in a jar to spread on your favorites. A lot of people put it on bread, but you could also place it on crackers, fruits, or just about any other type of food. Thus, when some French supermarkets discounted the treat by seventy percent recently, there was a literal run on the stores.

Videos were posted of the scenes that unfolded in these supermarkets as people literally battled one another to get the discounted chocolate spread. These are not the kind of videos that you would usually see coming out of France of all places, but then again, this is no ordinary chocolate spread either.

At one location it was reported that a total of two-hundred people were waiting outside the store to try to be among the first to get their hands on the Nutella. The employees in some cases were literally worried for their safety. It is understandable that they would fear such situations given the stampede that took place over a simple jar of chocolate.

The regular price of Nutella in France comes out to equal a U.S. Dollar price of $5.60 per jar. The discounted rate brought that down to $1.75. Perhaps this is the reason why so many people went flooding into the stores to get their own piece of that pie. Even so, the store that put the offer out has now come out and apologized to customers saying that they had not anticipated such high demand. They did not intend to cause the scenes of chaos that overtook their stores.

There has been violence over Nutella in the past. In September of 2015, a shopper in California says that he was punched when he complained that another customer was taking too many free Nutella waffle samples. It seems that people literally just go a little crazy over this stuff.

Studies indicate that the entire planet could run out of real chocolate by as early as 2050. If that does happen, then incidences like this may have been the first sign of the demand for the chocolate that does remain on the planet. We may all look back fondly on the days in which we were able to access Nutella without having to literally battle one another just to have some. This could be the first sign of the end of chocolate as we know it.

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