Pennsylvania Is Having A Hard Time Battling The Flu

Pennsylvania doctors and nurses claim that then end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 has been the worst flu season ever. Pennsylvania has not even seen the climax of the flu season, and they have already reported almost 20,000 cases of the flu. This does not even count all the people who solely relied on over-the-counter medications without ever seeing a doctor.

The real problem Pennsylvania is facing is the shortage of supplies. All pharmacies recently maxed out on their flu shot products, and most wholesalers sold all of their Tamiflu supplies to hospitals throughout Pennsylvania. If anyone needs a flu shot or Tamiflu, they must visit a local hospital. However, hospitals are expected to run out of supplies by the end of January, and wholesalers are not expected to have any anti-flu products available for shipment until the end of February.

Pennsylvania doctors recently put forth a statement to anyone with flu symptoms who cannot obtain a flu shot or Tamiflu. According to Pennsylvania doctors, the best thing for people to do is rest and drink lots of water and electrolyte drinks. Doctors are also encouraging people to purchase over-the-counter medication to deal with flu symptoms on a daily basis.

Doctors and other medical professionals are nervous about what’s to come in the coming weeks. Pennsylvania has never seen such a high number of flu patients at the start of the flu season. It is rumored that other states that are not experiencing such a high breakout of the flu will help Pennsylvania with anti-flu products. Another thing scaring doctors is the weather. Pennsylvania was in a cold system for almost six weeks where the temperature did not pass 17 degrees. Now, Pennsylvania is experiencing highs of 48 and lows of 19. Doctors hope this does not trigger the flu in more people.

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